08 May 2007

technoranti + spidermush

and i thought i could turn in early earlier, feeling a bit sleepy already by 1030ish pm (and that's still early in my nocturnal creature book) and i actually fell asleep na despite of the freaking heat, only to be awakened by text messages of little or no import past midnight. arrrrrrrr!

sometimes i really want to turn off technol
ogy, just for a while, to experience life as it is, here and now, to just get in touch with nature and with someone by natural means. but i think that's really hard to accomplish in this day and age, especially in techno-crazy manila, where most people carry a cellphone and a digital camera while the rest carry laptops and work on wifi mode and stuff like that. with all the static going in in our stratosphere, i'm not surprised if new diseases get invented every other day. i swear i can already feel a different kind of migraine whenever i go out to an area where people text and wifi to death. haaaay.

that's why living in a semi-cosmopolitan place seems like a good idea to me now, somewhere where there's still an active city-center/s and quite bucolic remote areas that offer fresh air to breathe and frequency-free atmosphere, not to mention an abundant supply of healthy semi-vegetarian food. wow. that would rejuvinate my skin and my health problems ano, not to mention finally exorcise my asthma out of me, even my sinusitis problem. the best yun if ever.
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kaya nga migrating to baguio is not a farfetched idea for me. the cooler climate would really be great, only if i didn't stay in the tourist areas. grabe rin pollution rate doon ha; think of it as being trapped inside an airconditioned room where people smoke inside! yep, that's the effect. pero kung sa gilid-gilid doon e puwede na. masarap pang magsulat sa cooler climate. the best. tapos andaming gulay sa palengke, di ba? yum. hm...
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yeah, not a bad idea after all...


finally succumbed to the lure of blockbuster film viewing earlier, of course with me mum, ang forever date ko sa movies like this. syempre, dahil may ridiculous monopolya ng isang pelikula ngayon, iyon lang ang napanood namin. SPIDERMUSH este SPIDERMAN pala.

third installment of the franchise. may fourth pa ba? sana after twenty years na lang. e bakit yung DIE HARD, o, may 4th movie na now, e yung una nito e alam ko late 80s yata or early 90s. pare ayos.

ewan ko ba why this third film doesn't totally fly for me. para kasing madrama masyado. too many people crying for all sentimental reasons you can think of: a love lost through jealousy and self-sacrifice, crying over the remembrance of a dead loved one, a parent trying to acquire money at all costs just to keep his child healthy, a mother frustrated about a husband's ways, a son discovering his unimportance to his father and his being blinded by revenge for honor, a frustrated artist losing the limelight, best friends turning enemies turning friends again, the death of a friend, the humbling of a fraud and his realization of it, revenge for the deeath of a loved one...sankapa!!! andito na lahat! kulang na lang may mag-out at bugbugin ng tatay para umiyak, and yun na!

cheap lang sana itong pelikula gawin e, kaya lang masyadong ambitious at maarte ang rendering ng special effects niya, kaya ganun. pero winner sa akin ang buhangin tao effect nung kalaban. ayuz. actually, yun lang naman ang spectacular--well, di p anga ganun ka-spectacular in that sense--pero hm...ewan...sayang ang pera.

and then of course, the very story of the good hero turning bad and liking it is, uh...lumang komik story na chong, complete with the costume color change. eto, umitim lang yung costume niya, na parang lumusot siya sa sewers or sa chimney siya dumaan. ayuz. sana naman medyo may konting imagination ang costume change, much like how the clean-cut gwapo look of christopher reeves' superman became a rough, darker shaded-costumed dude with a five o'clock shadow sa SUPERMAN 3.

ang saving grace lang yata sa akin ni spidermush ay yung sequence na nagsa-strut siya sa new york streets in his geek groove na talaga namang nakakatawa hahahaha na nakakainizzzzzz. parang konti na lang, kala ko mag-a-a la SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER ang lolo mo e. well actually, para nga siyang sinapian ni john travolta sa eksenang iyon. nung pumasok siya sa clothes store, kala ko naka-puti na rin siyang bellbottoms na disco70s mode hehehe. watch this film if only for this sequence.

what's with new york streets and non-walking? parang yung linya kay carrie sa SEX AND THE CITY na sabi "you don't walk, you sashay" or strut ba yung ginamit na word, kapag naglalakad daw siya sa kalye. flattered naman ang lola kasi nga kaka-recruit lang sa kanyang mag-runway walk sa fashion week. i like that episode, yung nadapa siya sa runway pero bet pa rin. ayuz.

at hindi ko alam kung bakit pero parang nakakairita si kirsten dunst sa pelikulang to. hm, lahat ata ng karakter nakakairita. kahit yung lola. aunt pala. masyadong madramaaaaaaa.

hay. well, on to the next blockbuster film na lang. patok! may SHREK 3. parang mas funny siya ever hehe. and SIMPSONS THE MOVIE! winner. pero ang pinaka-patok, TRANSFORMERS. pare, the cartoons of my youth itoh! bring it on! naaalala ko pa yung theme song nun "transformers/more than meets the eye/autobots raise their power to destroy the evil forces of/the deceptecons/"

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