04 April 2007

scriptwriting for dummies workshop, kinda like that

The University of the Philippines Film Institute (UPFI) invites you to join any or all of its 2007 Multimedia Workshop offerings – a series of short-term, specialized courses on the power of images and the various aspects of film and audiovisual production.

One of the workshops to be offered this summer is:

Basic Scriptwriting: Visualizing from Scratch

(5 days / 25 hours)

Facilitator: Libay Linsangan Cantor

Dates : April 11, 13, 16, 18, & 20 (WFMWF)

Time : 1 - 6pm

Fee: P6,000, inclusive of light snacks, handouts, printing / photocopying services for writing exercises, and certificate.

Basic Scriptwriting: Visualizing from Scratch is a workshop intended for the absolute beginner, who has no background whatsoever in film, writing, media or the arts, but who wants to discover the possibilities of scriptwriting. It introduces participants to the "real basics" of writing for film, from the "translation" of written abstract concepts into visual-moving images (and vice versa – translation of perceived cinematic images into the written word), to a hands-on discovery of the essential concepts and components of a script that works.

The workshop facilitator, Libay Linsangan Cantor, is a faculty member of the UP Film Institute, teaching courses like Scriptwriting, Directing, and Language and Grammar of Film. She is currently the head of UPFI's Academic Programs and Research. An experienced TV scriptwriter of children's educational shows, she has garnered local & international awards for her full-length screenplay, photography, and video productions, and has received Palanca Awards for her literary works. She also directs for TV.


University of the Philippines Film Institute

Cine Adarna, Magsaysay and Osmeña Avenues, UP Diliman, QC

For workshop queries:

Email: < upfi_workshops@yahoo.com.ph >

Call: 9262722 (Telefax)

Visit: http://www.upd.edu.ph/~film_institute/home.htm

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