03 March 2007

funny film stuff

if you love or grew up with SESAME STREET like i did, and if you appreciate martin scorsese's films like i do (well, not all, ha), then YOU BETTER WATCH THIS. funny sha! hehehe. thanks to a friend in ny for the tip. classic yung ernie and bert "you fucked my wife" bit hahahha saka yung big bird and mr snuffleupagus bit "you talking to me? you talking to me?" hahahahahahahahahahhaha panaloooooooo.

**filmgeek mode**

okay i'm off to northern india in about 30 hours or so. first time in that part of the world, kaya excited. asia excites me. syempre naman, mas diverse e. kewl!

naka-roaming ako so text lang kung talagang kailangan, ha.

will be back after 10 days.


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