28 February 2007

award ka ati. achieve!

sabi ng horoscope ko nung lunes:

Mercury and Mars form an irritating semisextile, indicating possible communication struggles with our friends or coworkers.

sapok ito a. culmination kanina. faculty mtg for the neverending revaluation foofoo. hay... and i thought i escaped "meeting hell" when i left NGOs. di pala. hay...

and this reading yesterday, bet ko ang words: 

The Moon is in emotional Cancer, where Crab's hard outer shell can protect our feelings from being washed away by the tides of change. Our mood swings can be quite powerful, even if we choose to keep the intensity hidden just beneath the threshold of perception. Meanwhile, the irresolvable tension between our idealistic dreams and reality builds to a crescendo as the long-term opposition between nebulous Neptune and austere Saturn is exact tomorrow.

You may be questioning the value of your work and your contribution to your family or community. This can be part of a healthy process, but be careful not to judge yourself with too critical an eye. Make changes at work that can help you through the next few weeks, but don't promise more that you can deliver.

okay yung second paragraph no? words of wisdom reality check for me. yebah.

and it continues today:

Family obligations can distract you from your professional aspirations now, forcing you to make choices with long-lasting consequences. If you experience disappointment, process it as quickly as possible, for you don't have time to think about what might have been. Instead, take care of the business at hand so you can return to achieving your ambitions as soon as possible.

yun nah. hey, the chinese weren't wrong in looking at the heavens for guidance for centuries, so why can't i do the same? word. saka i have chinese blood naman e. we all have, anyway. chinese and spanish. yan ang pinoy: the multicultural chopsuey. bow.


watching the oscars repeat on cable as i write this. never knew that its subtitle this year is "vote al gore for president."

tangina ngayon lang kayo nagba-buzz about global warming, climate change and all that jazz, na chinampion daw niya. wutevah. e USA nga ang nagre-resist pumirma sa kyoto protocol e. tapos ayan, ngayon nagkakandakumahog kayo dun. palibhasa di kayo kikilos until affected kayo, like hurricane katrina. e nung tsunami nga, nag-hesitate pa si bush to send help nung una e. sus. mga 'merkano talaga, huli lagi. sa kahit ano.

but we love the oscars for honoring one of our own, melissa etheridge. yey. best song. wow tibam! and of course, hosted by our favorite tibam of all time, ellen degeneres. yey! long live lesbians!


wow and tanda na nung ale na nanalo ng achievement in editing (THE DEPARTED). yey lola! long live lolas!

man i miss editing in a flatbed steenbeck. nothing beats celluloid talaga, in shooting, lighting and cutting. as in. walang panama yang mga adobe premiere computer chenes final cut pro blah na yan. mas maganda yung nahahawakan mo sa daliri mo yung pelikula. as in. tamo si jackie chan, sabi niya mas gusto pa rin niyang flatbed ang gamit, at yun nga ang ginagamit niya. award! 


OMG JODIE FOSTER! my idol of all time! wala ka pa ring kupas, ati! sana gumawa ka pa ulit ng pelikula. yung may kabuluhan, not like FLIGHT PLAN. saka wag ka nang mag-pinch hit sa pelikulang di naman ikaw ang orig na na-cast, like nung nawala si nicole kidman sa PANIC ROOM. hay i miss the days when she used to be in good films, like CONTACT, and practically all of her films prior to that LIVES OF THE ALTAR BOYS chorva chorva.

i miss the '90s.


wow walang tulak kabigin sa achievement in acting sa best actress chu. at puro lola ulit ang nominado! long live lolas! tru si helen mirren, brilliant silang lahat. achieve!


and two of my favorite things in the intermissions: shadowplay and dance. winner yung ginagawa nun a! bet!


wow buhay pa si peter o'toole! award!


if you win an award, will you thank god in your acceptance speech? just curious.


and that chaka spiel ng great directors coppola, lucas and spielberg--not to mention the nominees list--still show that DIRECTING FILM IS STILL A BOYS' CLUB AFFAIR. fuck you macho males. kelangang buwagin na ito!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAN NA ANG MGA BABAENG DIREKTORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.



meron nga palang student oscars na award. upfi got an invite from the academy (yes, the actual AMPAS that gives out the oscars) to submit an entry and about two weeks ago or so, the faculty met to vote on a nominee from the past 2 batches ng thesis productions. so for your consideration... may napili na kaming ipapadala. abangan!

sana lang huwag lumaki ang ulo ng bata. madali kasing lumaki ang ulo ng mga bata ngayon e. ewan ko ba. akala ko mtv generation lang sila. inflatable generation din pala. inflatable heads. sana naman huwag na ganun. hay... kidz tah-dayyyyyyy. 


segue na sa totoong buhay. bakit kaya laging "young" at "bata" pa rin an tingin sa akin ng mga tao? at 33, i thought i'm already an adult. why am i surrounded by older people all the time? hm... sabagay, i'm in between old and really young. well, puwede na rin... 

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