27 November 2006

reflections on the community chorva

sabi nga ni tita aida sa ladlad egruf (emphasis hers):

I do hope that all of us will elect officers and party list nominees whose track record in serving our community, the women's movement -- in which I take pride in being one of its pioneers, and the people's social movements, is beyond suspicion. People with dazzling words and technical lingo are not necessarily the best leaders for our community; trapos often are glib tongued. Let us watch out for those who have joined our ranks to pursue personal agenda using our party. I hope all of us will be much more discerning.

may sense naman, di ba?

kaya nga last saturday, i went out of my way and put my apolitical stance aside muna and attended the ANG LADLAD national convention and voted for the hopeful partylist's top 5 partylist rep hopefuls and the party/organization's new set of officers. and i'm so glad that most things turned out the way we wanted. well, except for one position. irked ako doon kasi wala nang ibang viable candidate kaya yung di pa karapat-dapat ay nanalo. sayang. oh well. andun naman ang ibang reliable advocates to reign these new and loud ones in, eventually. so okay na rin.

at sabi pa rin ni tita aydz:

I am confident that our party will vote for women and men who are of unblemished and high standard of integrity, decency and honesty both in their private and public lives.

again, makes sense. kaya di na dapat kuwestiyunin ang karamihan. majority rules in a democracy, di ba? kaya nga di ko na kinuwestyon pa yung isang position eh. di bale nang a candidate i did not like won, basta ba magampanan niya ang duties niya ng tama, at walang kakonyohan sa buto't balat, lalo na sa utak. you know what i mean.

after all, sabi nga nila sa egroup:

Be happy. Negative vibes are not welcome. Ang Ladlad people are very happy people. :)

o, so dapat wala nang nega pa ever. kaya wag nang kwestyunin ang mga--sorry to reiterate this--may track record sa advocacy 'ika nga ni tita aydz. in this kind of race, sustained credibility is the key to joy and happiness? hehe. nah, i mean key to a better party. yes, sustained credibility, not flash-in-the-pan media upsurge fandom mentality.

happy! hehe. at eto na naman, ang taunang samahan ng mga byutipul pipol with sustained credibility who mesh well with heartfelt newbie advocates...



rampa na ulit!


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