13 October 2005

nood kayo ha

women's artfest chuvaness of sorts. nood kayo ha. :) ako'y tutula. mahabang mahaba. :P

congrats nga pala sa aming kaibigang si papa ned trespeces, writer of JOLOGZ. his digifilm TRABAHO is currently showing at the crop of digifilms sa ongoing cinemanila international filmfest nina direk tikoy aguiluz. hanggang bukas lang yata e. sana ma-extend hane. congrats sa inyo ni onnah. :)

asian horror film showcase at the upfilminstitute will begin by next week, i think. hay don't ask me about the titles. sabi nga ni rhett butler sa GONE WITH THE WIND "frankly my dear, i don't give a damn." i hate horror films, especially asian ones. kahit local. i hate the genre. bakit ba.

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