15 October 2005

life in random order

talking with a dear friend last night for six straight hours on three different venues along morato made me realize lots of things which either i didn't want to face/admit or were so alarmingly true yet i didn't fully realize/comprehend until that time. gets?

anyway, here are some of them.

1. ang pagkairita ay may kaakibat na bahid ng pagkainggit nguni't kung ilang porsyento ay di tiyak

2. all art genre circles (esp. film mainstream or indie, literature, photography, music) each has its own mafias and sub-mafias and sub-sub-mafias and mafia clique-wannabes

3. like janet jackson said: it's all about CONTROL. and the wrong people have LOTS of it.

4. we should reclaim the word "fascism" from the depths of the negativity pit and give it a new, more positive spin

5. some cherished friends already became/turned like ginger for me: they exist there and i'm okay with that but i'm never going to go near them again because i am psychologically allergic to ginger (and morons)

6. the dearth of lesbian literature and films in the philippine context should be corrected by lesbians themselves (ourselves!)

7. tama si legally blonde reese: ENDORPHINS MAKE YOU HAPPY.

8. people whom you expect to get it, don't. people whom you thought didn't get it, did.

9. we have to redefine the meaning of FRIENDSHIP in this post/neo-colonial, post/postpost-modern, neoliberalist, post-feminist globalized world

10. i am my own worst enemy, critique, fan and psychiatrist.

11. flattery gets others somewhere.

12. political connections get others somewhere -- and something (new house, new car, new palmtop, new laptop, new cellphone, new job)

13. the country is really fucked up

14. i hate reading/watching the news na talaga as in ever

15. if martial law is declared like anytime soon, i am not physically prepared for it. so is the country.

16. i still prefer brutal honesty than blanket secrecy. bring it on, kid!

17. i loathe appointment breakers, especially those who don't notify you ahead of time. sayang ang putanginang oras ko kakahintay or kakaplano for naught.

18. keep your friends close and your enemies closer. i'm not sure if this still works for me. they sting a lot lately. it hurts to hold on.

19. money talks. it has the loudest voice in the universe. i hate that.

20. i am torn between being practical and sentimental. i have yet to discover which hurts less and which is the lesser of evils. process-in-progress.

21. i am a cat-lover trapped inside a dog-lover's body.

22. i have super low tolerance for unnecessarily noisy people but i don't know how to be zen about it (still trying)

23. i am onion-skinned when it comes to my art.

24. i still don't have patience for arrogant people, no matter how utterly talented or intelligent they are

25. people who pose as your friends sometimes DO WANT something else from you but they disguise it so cleverly that you fall into their trap until somebody saner than you nudges you and wakes you up to smell the coffee

26. UP teaches you arrogance, intentional or misplaced.

27. insecure people are the first ones who put you down

28. i am partly addicted to the internet

29. no matter how much friction you have with your parents, you still miss them sometimes

30. a spanish ex-colleague might be right: women are the worst enemies of women.

31. poetry remains elitist if you use a language other than your own native one to write it

32. no matter how much we advocates fight for our rights, achieving true social justice still seems so far a goal this millennium

33. the friends whom you wish to talk to (talk with?) are abroad. the friends who now annoy you constantly bug you to meet up and talk with them. what gives?

34. i am tehnology-dependent and i hate it and love it

35. the randomness of things early in your life prepares you for something postively definitive later on in life - and you should be thankful instead of resentful

36. people who gloat cannot admit that they stink worse than goats

37. right now, people should cherish their civil liberties (or whatever's left of them) while they can.

38. love may not be that many a splendored thing after all, unlike what the song said. we should redefine the real essence of love because most of us misinterpret it totally.

39. we should stop questioning our existence already. we're here, deal with it na lang. period.

40. i should throw nostalgia out the window forever.


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