05 August 2005

casting cool

ralph fiennes as lord voldemort! ralph fiennes as lord voldemort! ralph fiennes as lord voldemort!!!

sorry i can't believe the casting kasi, had to repeat it to myself for it to be true. i can't get over it.

it's true!!! hehe sori ngayon lang uli ako nakabasa ng harry potter and the goblet of fire film news. shyet, ang ganda! ralph as voldemort! tangina now i can't really wait to watch this film. aside sa pinagnanasaan ina-admire ko si grown-up-ish pretty hermione, i wanna see how they pull off the tri-wizard tournament visuals. cedric looks like an nsync member with attitude. viktor krum looks like an evil backstreet boy. check out the pix na lang, ayoko 'ata i-post dito. and some chinese-looking scottish girl snagged the ever-precious cho chang role that our very own heart evangelista tried out for din yata. well, sorry na lang siya. with her anorexic frame, parang hindi siya tatagal sa quidditch no excuse me. laos sya. the cho they cast looks good. kahawig ng pinsan ko actually hehe. hm, i wonder when they will cast sean connery? hindi pa naman siguro nauubusan ng brit actors ano hehe. yun kasi ang requirement ni jk rowling eh. kaya binitawan ni steven spielberg kasi gusto nya bitbitin si haley joel osment as harry. ano ba? hanggang "i see dead people" lang yung batang yun ano. at hanggang AI ka lang hehe. sayang si hugh grant for the gilderoy role. bagay sana siya dun. sana they gave kenneth branagh a more serious role. well heniwey...

i had a nice day, obviously. a fruitful one at that. i like days like these. i hope more are to come soon.

vanskie, sa yo na lang si biancadoodle. yung nanay ni logan e magseselos hehe. siya pa rin ang reyna dito.

drew u still wanna get felicia? sa yo na hehe. :) i am happy with their sister bast naman na. kahit siya na lang matira. and da peyrents of course.

kia thanks for continuing logan's spirit if ever. yehei! :)

bjelland thanks for peeping inside icon. ayos lang, don't buy na. not a requirement naman hehe.

did anybody catch the cinema one originals? missed one of the six. review soon. in the meantime, read my *spirited* cinemalaya chuvallooo at anti-rust punditry (this is where i stash my "un/official" reviews). warning: contents may be intoxicating to a person with an empty brain stomach.


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