18 July 2005

quiz ka jan+some thoughts on...art?

and it had to be the piktyur of a perfect pwet...sans saddlebags. wish ko lang. paging dr. bello...

Your Sexy Brazilian Name Is
Taís Peixe
What's Your Sexy Brazilian Name?

but i love da name ha. when i go to rio de janeiro or porto alegre, yan na pangalan ko. and i won't tell the taxi driver "abrazos" tulad ng isa dyan hehehehehehe. baka bigla akong yakapin.

eto naman kakaiba... i don't know what to make of it.

The Key Character
- You Are The Key Character
"It's what I was meant to do."

You are the true enigma. No one knows much about you, you do not understand much of yourself,
and your life seems to carry no purpose. Yet regardless of everything around you - everyone
knows that you are here for some reason, even if no one yet knows what that is. Things seem
to simply fall into place for you. Almost as though some force is working either through you, for you,
or around you. No matter your troubles, you have been sent here to unlock something. This is your destiny.

Which Classic Story Role Do You Play

and then there's this one. i just had to take this because i just finished writing a full-length screenplay with a goth feel and an actual goth character. feel ko na ba ang goth-goth na yan?
Fairly Goth
You scored 50!
You know some stuff. Chances are you're one of those counter-culture hybrids like goth-punk,electro-goth,or nature-goth.You like the gothic counter-culture and you seek out the bits you like most.I bet you love Tim Burton movies.Chances are you've never seen Switchblade Symphony live before they broke up but you may own a CD.Hey-Tapping the Vein still tours!Your dream profession is probably something where you have total control like owning your own buisness or freelance artist.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 5% on gothies
Link: The GOTH Test written by myriad_entity on Ok Cupid


obvious bang wala na naman akong magawa? meron naman. i actually began the outline of that novel i was planning to write. yehey! it's kinda exciting. and like i said, i just finished that darned screenplay after two thousand years! nakakumpleto ulit ako ng isang script! super. da best. this called for a celebration. kaya nag-crispy pata ako kahapon hehe. saraf. yummy fried cholesterol. hehe i love that line my fellow scriptwriter friend cenon invented: fried cholesterol and baked calories. or was that the other way around? nabasa ko sa script nya dati. love it.

was browsing through bino's calzoncillo (er, that didn't sound quite right yata...) and found myself nodding endlessly about what he was saying about writers and cliques. to wit,

"there are so many cliques in these circles. organizations that purport to support the arts are being treated like sororities, with cheerleading squads and diatribe as pompoms. many opinionated writers voice out their concerns in manners that are high with hurt. email backchannels are thick with egoes and misdirected angst. for some writers, publishing equals entitlement. people are a bit too special. "

and this is where i relate to what he's saying the most:

"i have been inside these circles. i have circumnavigated them. i have avoided them. i have gotten pulled back in, time and again. each time i'm inside, i have this eerie feeling of retreating to where i find it safest, my own world. for many years, i have chosen to sit still and observe. there are times i speak out. i have earned my right to critique these spaces. i consider myself as one of those writers who "have been around" the movements and back."

totoo yan pati sa ibang art circles anyway. substitute that with the film industry, alternative man -- excuse me, indie -- o mainstream, it's the same banana. here. in manila, at least. i wonder how things are in cebu or bacolod. i hear it's blossoming there because of peque and da ilonggo boys. hm. maybe i should move.

wala lang. kasi after being in a film mode, back na naman ako sa aking literary mode. at least i'm luckier than some kasi i have these different modes. i know that now, thanks to a certain someone who pointed that out. again, it all boils down to choices. and having them. which makes me lucky nga. and, from a certain angle, privileged. kaya walang K mag-angst angst chuvaness. angst is so twentysomething. i have to go beyond that now. i have to act. and be. devah?

why am i mulling these things? wala lang. sometimes, kelangang isinga ng utak ko ang mga plemang bumabagabag sa kanya. kaya eto yun, i am sneezing them out. expectorant? dahak? take your pick. gross ba? okay lang. at least walang VISUAL AID yun mga pinagsasasabi ko ano. ma-guwaaark ka kung meron noh.

hay nakuh brain overworking again. ganyan yan kapag nasa zone... and boy, was i in the zone these past weeks, no. grabe e natapos ko kaya yung script, and now this novel's story arc is just flowing from every hole and orifice in my body, pramis (err, okay, that sounded weird pero dedma na). hindi ko na siya ma-contain. kaya kelangan nang isinga.

excuse me while i get my paper napkin. and tech pen. phfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.

ps. hm. i wonder who won in the cinemalaya. abangan bukas.

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