17 April 2005

nopix noblues nowhere notime

no pictures to upload this time, just words. and quick ones at that. i'm about to rest my weary eyes and launch on a walking spree in peyups in a while, but i decided to jot down some notes first.

i think i'm tired that a day only has 24 hours. yes, i know, i've complained about this before. so many things to do, so little time. work gets in the way of things but things will not be on their way if there is no work. aye, there's the rub, 'ika nga ni hamlet. i'm halfway pa lang sa script na ipapasok ko sana sa palanca, pero kung di inabutan, the short story will do. at least one entry this year is the goal. why? wala lang. i have a feeling i should start writing new things and join contests again this year. maybe i'll get somewhere a bit, i dunno. strange feeling in the gut lang. kaya lang, yun na nga, kelangang magtrabaho kasi para may pera. sana may distant rich relative na lang ako na magpamana ng pera or something, para i can just sit it out, write and produce stuff. or maybe get a supplementary sugar momma? hehe, feeling joe gillis sa SUNSET BOULEVARD ang dating nun... yargs. no way men. "no one ever leaves a star..... i'm ready for my close-up, mr. demille....."

i am at that stage when the writing bug bit hard, FUCKING HARD, pero if i don't tone down my info overload thingofawork, then this bite will not turn up anything substantial, i know that already frm experience... so what to do, what to do... hay.
well, one thing's for sure, i decided this morning not to be mentally tied down by monetary stuff. yeah i know, easier said than done. pero mind over matter works sometimes. and producing those things that make you happy so you won't kill people (accdg to LEGALLY BLONDE) is a good idea to start with. not much sa gym, just walking will do. did wonders for me earlier this week, so i'll repeat it.

how about you guys? how do you treat/cure/avoid information overload? especially when it's related to work? ayudame please, help help help... here or at dahondahon at gmail dot com. i tried time management na. so far, it ain't working! hayy....

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