19 April 2005

dream a little tiny itty bitty miniscule dream...of it

maikli lang 'to.

lest i forget lang, i had a clear and vivid dream earlier. woke up at 5.30a only to fall back to sleep and get awakend by my 6.30 alarm. within that time, this vivid dream...

i was in a house, two-storey type, one of those square block thing houses we see in bucolic parts of europe in art films like LUCIA EN EL SEXO (SEX AND LUCIA) but it's not well-maintained. or rather, it still has to be maintained kasi semento pa lang siya. there's this guy, ruggedly handsome artfilm-european type din, living there yata. he's like the older brother of someone i know pero i'm not sure who that someone is. i alerted that someone to wake me up in the morning because i have appointments. pero i wasn't able to wake up yata. when i got up, it was 12.30 ng tanghali na. i bolted up and thought about lots of things (my sked for the day, like i missed teaching an english class, about to miss taking my spanish class, and i still have one class to attend that day). ganun ang mindframe. i don't really know if i am both a teacher and a student, pero parang ganun ang dating. the ruggedly handsome dude was laughing at me as i rushed about. gusto ko siya batukan. but anyway, as i rushed outside of the house, the old ambience of my lola's proj.4 house appeared in front of me. my ninang ofel, who is now in canada, was there, living with me pala. (hmm , sila kaya ni ruggedly handsome? mukhang.) anyway, she was telling me somethng about traveling naman from gateway daw to antipolo or something. apparently, the university i have to go to is located somewhere in the middle of those two places, kahit parang ang layo dapat nila sa isa't isa, pero the impression that it's closer to antipolo reigned. anyway, basta ganun, rush rush lola nyo, tapos eto, biglang may mga flashback flashback ako within the dream, yes!, na something about me being in a bed and breakfast with i don't know who, some pretty girl, i think, pero parang kilala yata siya e. ewan ko kung bakit nag-flashback ito sa scene, kasi yata yun ang kinukuwento ng ninang ko habang nagsasampay siya at nagpapainit ako ng tubig sa kettle na pampaligo. hay. and then parang may rooftop scene din, pero di malinaw kung near sunset na pero ganun ang feeling. hay. ayun.

so that's it. and then i woke up na. for real. strange no? like a scene from a movie in my mind. marahil... ewan.

hibernate muna ko guys. see you after the palanca deadline is over. let's hope. :)

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