26 April 2005

bet day

wala. wala akong bet. wala akong bet gawin nung a-veinte quatro. wala akong bet gawin nung a-veinte quatro kundi maglagi sa bahay at magbabad sa kompyuter. wala akong bet gawin nung a-veinte quatro kundi maglagi sa bahay at magbabad sa kompyuter habang umiinom ng tubig na maraming yelo. wala akong bet gawin nung a-veinte quatro kundi maglagi sa bahay at magbabad sa kompyuter habang umiinom ng tubig na maraming yelo makaraang kumain ng dalawang choc-nut. wala akong bet gawin nung a-veinte quatro kundi maglagi sa bahay at magbabad sa kompyuter habang umiinom ng tubig na maraming yelo makaraang kumain ng dalawang choc-nut pagtapos suminga sa tisyu...

teka tama na nga 'to. i'm beginning to sound like lourd. oh lourd won't you buy me a mercedes benz. i've benz around da world ay-ay-ay i can't find my babyyyyy...

ayan, it's official. i am insane. insane in the membrane (second voice: insane in the brain!")


there was a full moon that night but i wasn't able to catch it well. those are the times when i wish i had my trusty film slr cam with my vivitar zoom. well... iba pa rin ang kemikal sa elektronik...

but it's true. i didn't feel like doing anything, especially when i am kinda cash-strapped to throw a party, a drinking spree, or anything. i just wanted to throw the day away. day away. away with you, day! but the day remained... ah, day. so i waited for the night na lang. wel, quite uneventful, save for the episode where c and i got locked out of the house. she tried to pry it open but nah, leave it to me to think like ... uh, sino nga ba ... well anyway, i had a spare set of keys in the office so we took a taxi and got it and went back and opened it and paid the cabbie. wowee. aside from that, i have a new cat bed given by dré given by kia. how non-sequitur is that. kaya mo yon? hehehe.

if there's one thing i like in this world, it's a good grilled medium rare sirloin steak. yummyy! thumbs up (and all fingers na rin) to bok da cook for suggesting a strangely named place along morato. ingglisin mo ang "langit at itlog" at ayan ang restorang kinainan namin. shwangit sa taglog noh? langit at itlog, pare.

pero before that, i had quite a row with the dulcinea people across the street. the freaking waiters were so rude. palibhasa we were just wearing shirts and simple pants. the one day na di ako mukhang dugyut, i am treated as one. punyeta. i was plainly asking this waiter for the kinds of steak they had, ilang grams, ano'ng klaseng preparation, the usual foodie questions. ang puta, pa-asshole ang lahaaaat ng sagot niya, with a smirk as if to say "can you afford to order that?" punyetaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. if there's one thing i hate in this world, it's a waiter/server who's matapobre and underunderunderestimates customers. i checked and double-checked our attire, our countenance, our faces, our hair, but there's nothing there to instigate the assholic service we got. as in, wit! wa! waers! when c called the manager, some assistant manager came to us. i dished out my reklamos to assistant about the shabby treatment i got from bobowaiter, his lack of demeanor, the way he took our orders etcetcetc. you know what he does? he fucking takes out his order sheet and pencil, looks at me and says "pero nag-order na ba kayo? anong order niyo?" aaaarrrghhh!!! my mouth just fell open. fazed by the initial shock, i was rendered speechless by this act. c repeated our initial order of churros and then the waiter took the menus, made tuktuk our table with it (as in, he kinda hit our table with the menu as if to punctuate his presence or action, you know what i mean?), and walked to the kitchen. the second act of stupidity rendered me speechless again. c and i stared at each other and automatically said the same thought: "cancel order. batsi."

we told the stupid dudes na aalis na lang kami. on our way out, c said out loud "bad service!" and then this guy suddenly came running after us. it's the manager pala. una, tinanong namin siya kung bakit di siya yung lumapit. tapos he was so apologetic chuchu ekek blabla yaddayadda yakyak yakyak. parang lahat ng customer service charisma he sucked from all the zombiestaff and hogged for himself and dished it all out on us. punyeta. too late da hero. gagu. he ends it by giving me a calling card (and i threw him the most taray look ever as if to say "aanhin ko yan????") and starts to usher us back in. usher us back in??? sa tingin mo, may gana pa ko kumain jan after that???? potah. sabi ko sa kanya "mag-iingat kayo kasi di niyo kilala ang tinatrato nyo ng ganito. alam mo ba ang trabaho ko? nagre-review ako ng restaurant." bigla siyang nag-stand attention, pare. hahaha. well, it is partly true. i reviewed restos pero before pa yon. nakakatamad na eh. almost all the restos i reviewed nagsara na yata, ganun kabilis ang turnaround dito...but i digress. wala, i just said that because the fucker won't let us leave the vicinity. tawid na tawid nako sa langit at itlog potah.

kakaiba. kaya kayong mga jologs friends ko, kung mukha kayong jologs, WAG KAYO KAKAIN SA DULCINEA TOMAS MORATO. enuf sed.

hay, ang wrinkles, ang wrinkles...

i remember tuloy this episode years and years ago when i was het and used to hang out with ortigas officemates at hard rock on friday nights. we were dressed smart casually naman, may mok-ap pa lola nyo (oo ha, stockholder ako ng revlon matte lipstick ay clinique eyeshadow noon kung ayaw nyo maniwala). hech was with me then. alam mo rin naman ang lolo mong yon pag napikon... anyway, the fucking waiters were ignoring us at mapuputol na kamay namin sa kaka-wave ng waiter. that was like 20-30 minutes ha. semi-packed pa lang naman ang place kasi we were there early. then a bunch of american teenagers wearing sloppy luwag shorts and some surf shirts lang (dugyut equivalent natin) came in and occupied the table near us. punyeta hindi sila magkanda-ugaga sa pagsilbi sa mga puti. at ilan silang lumapit doon!!!! punyetera talaga yun o. aba, what does my good ol' hechfriend do? hehehe nagtatatalak siya doon about bigotry and prejudice and racism hahahahaha. sinabayan ko at pati ng kasama namin. i can't remember kung sino pa kasama namin that time. i can't remember din the way that night ended, but that was the night my tongue first tasted...

cranberry kurant. bastus ka. ano akala mo? since then, this was the poison of my choice, ever. learned the ingredients and made it myself na lang, from then on.

wow ang dami nang napuntahan nun a. hehe. o sya saka na piktyurs.

p.s. salamat sa mga bumati ha. sa text, sa tawag, sa tumabi, sa pag-aabang sa kin sa opisina para tambangan ako at umorder ng yellow cab shrimp pizza (weeehehe naka-leave ako!), sa friendster, sa email, sa blog nila. :) luv ya guys!

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