06 February 2005

on with the new

so this is my new blog. for life. well, we'll see about that. i just like it here because i can manipulate the look more than in blogger, even if i am not that much of a techie. that's why i like it here. i was actually trying to set up something at the digital divide network, but it's not that creative yet in terms of layout and design. much like my old blog, i guess. well... i also tried to create something at the old blogger site, d'original, or one of them, at least. but nah, it's too techie nga to manipulate eh. hirap. so dito na lang muna. hane? sige later maglalaro pa ko ng ibang html thingies and photos. try ko lang image link...

hmm, nag-iba ang style ng paglalagay ng images ah...but it's okay. betterer! hehe.

okay, eto na. and the final is me! haha.

andy carvin, the northerner uber-techie dude of the digital divide network, loved that graphic. hehe. okay naman pala siya eh. part din siya ng wsis media advocates. our kind of people, pero sometimes too techie nga. pero mukhang mabait, at matulungin sa non-techies like moi...

o sya, later. sumasakit na naman likod ko. di ako nag-tutor today kasi nga bigla ako nagkaroon. and although natanggal na ni thelma most of the painful dysmenorrhea, may slight muscle aches pa rin. good thing my favorite masahista was here to help... thanks grrl. :)


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