14 February 2005


i shouldn't really complain, really. my work is already too focused right now so it should be a cinch to accomplish. same goes for my sidelines. they're very very verrrry specific indeed. but somehow, i find myself feeling stuck and adamant about, well, just about everything related to work, really... that old feeling of hiding under a rock or in a cave and hibernating and just wanting to relax and bum around is here again... i don't know what brought it back. maybe the sense of helplessness, giddiness and the two-month limbo feeling did. oh well. i hope this passes. maybe spending time in the shooting range of the rifle and pistol team at the annual UP fair would do the trick. i hope i ace another perfect score. last year, i missed one, due to my bad eyes. but i always get a perfect score. sige, will do that this week. will round up the usual kaladkarin group for some fair hopping. maybe get a henna tattoo again.

i miss shooting. this kind of shooting. rifle. sige, will try to do this again once in a while. sa sm north may range na eh, so sige punta ko dun paminsan-minsan. ibang relief rin kasi nakukuha ko from shooting. i don't know where that came from, too, but if it helps, then go! dibala?

valentine nga pala ngayon. pagpasok ko, unang tanong ni haids, bat daw ako nakaitim. well, i didn't know we should be wearing red this day. naubus na red ko noong chinese new year week, e. was wishing for lots of prosperity to come my way. so dedma na sa red today. i like black, e, bakit ba?

siya sige, sabi nga ng friend ko sa columbia ny, hapi vd! (veneral disease? hehe) oh by the way girl, just how do you drown a cellphone in a glass of scotch????? it's a puzzle. :P don't forget my egyptian ankh!!!

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