11 July 2017


I've been meaning to archive my Philippine Online Chronicles articles (under the Pinoy LGBT channel) in one of my blogs, and also adding up to what was naudlot in that space, for I think writing about LGBT issues is still needed from a certain perspective. With so many issues still coming up around me and within my spheres, perhaps it's time to pick up the rainbow pen again and allot a few days of the month for new material.

I'm thinking of this title for the new blog sana: QUEERLIGHTENMENT. Queer enlightenment, whether from the most babaw banal issues to the most deeply rooted, personal and philosophical. I'm thinking of remaking my Medium blog space for this, or maybe link it up with my Culture Popper as another sub-page/section, we'll see.  

There's just too much online noise lately, especially here in this country since last year, and frankly, sometimes I'm getting tired of it. If it were not for this monthly POC gig, I would have retired the rainbow pen muna, kasi nakakapagod. Sakto lang yata yung pasok ng 2016 sa paghinto nito, June kami nagsimula 2010 so a good 6 years in 2016 was a good turning point to stop. We weren't appraised of why this revolutionary section was ground to a halt, all of a sudden, but hey, nasanay na yata ako sa occasional marginalization kaya di ko masyadong dinibdib ito, kahit dinibdib ito ng editor ko. Siyempre, advocacy namin ito eh, sabi nga niya hindi kami yayaman sa pagsusulat dito given the payment (as a writer, yeah nasanay na rin yata ako sa publishing woes dito sa Pinas like this) pero adbokasya kasi namin ito. Pero may panahon talaga na ang ibang rainbow flag ay kailangan nang tiklupin, tapos iawawagaywag na lang ulit sa ibang pagkakataon at espasyo.

Kaya ito ang naisip kong espasyo: sa sarili ko nang bakuran, as usual. Tutal may following naman kahit papaano, puwede na ulit lumarga. Saka iba naman ang audience na kausap ko sa mga artikulo ko, at alam kong matagal na nila (NINYO!) akong hinahanap. Eto na, sige, magpaparamdam na lola niyo. K! K!

Sige, abangan na lang saan ito uusbong muli. In the meantime, frap time!


And with that, I also decided to fix the layout and header image of this blog. To reflect this newer enlightenment I've been having since this year.

You like this ^ image? I love this image. I took it las April 2017, when I was loitering around Wat Arun, I think, or is it Wat Pho? One of those Buddhist temples I visited with my sweetheart, when we went there in Bangkok last April -- a post-birthday celebration for me, her first out of the country trip (since naroon na for a work trip, sumunod ako), and our post-third year anniv trip na rin. So there. I loved that trip, and I'll write about these musings soon. Pramis.

Like the reboot? Looks good, so far. 

Sige later.

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