21 July 2017

A sunny afternoon back to my almost-over childhood

Currently riding a GrabCar Innova, and putting down my book, I notice how sunny the sun is, the kind of sunny that's familiar to me since childhood. I know it's scorching, but sunny afternoons like this one become bearable due to the trees in our yard. And under the shadows of the leaves, I find myself cooling off with a book borrowed from the university library. Somewhere else inside the house, the radio is playing a song by Julio Iglesias, a parental favorite, and it seem it's this driver's favorite as well.

And that was when I snapped this photo, to freeze a moment that reminded me of that moment when I was younger, perhaps a freshman at the university or a sophomore, before I turned 18, when my best friend was the library card, and the shade and books took me to imagined worlds I would one day reach in reality or duplicate in my own efforts of being creative.

Funny how a moment could take you back in time, at a time when the world seemed simpler, from the outside looking sunny, even if dark clouds hung over your insides. It makes me glad that I survived, I lived, and now have the capacity to enjoy sunshine the way it should be enjoyed -- with a smile.

It has been one heck of a ride, so far, universe. Thank you.
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