13 January 2017

It's gonna be a happy newwwwwwww...

Happy new year, folks. Quoting that song from Rent, an all-time fave, of course, but I quote the part where their revelry is cut short, hence the unfinished auld lang syne-ing. 

I guess in a way, that reflects what a lot of folks think of 2017. Will it be a happy new year, indeed, if we keep seeing negative stuff happening in politics and in the news? I don't know. But we know that 2016 was horrible in so many ways, but it's also good in many ways. At least in the personal aspect, for me. And professional, too.

I'm foreseeing many work-related travels again this year. In fact, I just signed up for a 3-time trip abroad this year. Looking forward to that. But I'm also looking forward to managing my life better this year, so I can handle all the things I love and need in my life to survive: my fiction-writing, my sweetheart quality time, my hangout time with my mom, and my solitude. I should learn more how to integrate these things in between my work schedule. I'm just grateful that my partner understands these aspects of me, slowly understanding, I should say. Of course there will always be small conflicts, but that's part of life, and we also learn how to manage that. For the captured gains is for the benefit of all anyway, not just for some, or one. No, not solely for me. It's for all those involved and connected in the process. The past year taught me that: preserve and enhance the connections, but without tiring yourself. After all, as that saying said, we can't pour from an empty cup. Always be ready for refills.

And I also like this concept I saw posted by a fellow writer on FB, about investing in your creative bank account. I hope YouTube permits me to embed it here:

I like what it's saying, that you have to be exposed to many things and surround yourself with many things, connected or unconnected to your creative industry output, because your take-aways from these exposures will fuel your creativity. Emotional investment, I think I wrote about that before here. That's all this video is saying, but it said it better than how I've been thinking about it.

I had an ex once who didn't understand this, the one who questioned my exposures in the entertainment industry and scrutinized if I needed to be in this or that movie premiere or concert (I get officially invited as a newspaper editor of the entertainment section) or if I need to attend this or that art exhibit or poetry reading (I belong to the literary community here, haller MA ko yan saka haller para saan 'yang mga Palanca award ko??? Chos.). Well anyway, that one seemed like five lifetimes ago, or more than a decade ago, to be exact. But it still haunts me to this day, because it always reminds me not to drop many things in my life which make me who I am, just to fit her life. And it took a conversation with a psychologist to make that clear to me: never bend over backwards too too too much for these women. Malaking note to self talaga ito.

Kaya imagine my luck to find someone who tries, at least tries, to understand the complexities that I myself don't understand sometimes. A loving relationship is full of wonderful (re)discoveries and (re)inventions. And if one of you ain't up for that, then what the hell are you together for.

Oo, talagang suwerte-suwerte lang 'pag umuulan, sabi nga ng kanta. In my life right now, suwerte-suwerte lang ang umuulan ng nakakaintindi. Kasi rare pala siya sa planetang ito. Kailangang minahin sa ilalim ng lupa, o kaya hintaying malaglag like manna from heaven.

O, soundtrip muna. Isang mahusay na manunulat ang lumikha ng lyrics nito, the poet-playwright Rolando Tinio pala. Sumalangit nawa. I love this song.

Later folks. Yes, happy new year indeed. Let's claim it! 'Til next post. Dadalasan ko na, pramis. Oh PS bumalik nga pala ako sa pagrerebyu ng mga pelikula. Check it out here in my resurrected film blog. :) 

Also, sad ako dahil yung stint namin sa POC Pinoy LGBT channel ay nahinto na since June 2016. Kaya I will try to shift out the essays I wrote there to another personal blogging space for archives, tapos dudugtungan ko na lang doon ng ibang bagong writings. Apparently, marami palang nagbabasa nun, at maraming nagtatanong din kung kelan ako ulit magsusulat ng LGBTQ stuff. Sige mga teh, marami pa nga akong dapat isulat talaga. Bibigyan natin iyan ng bagong espasyo at panahon. Para sa adbokasiya na rin ito.

Ingat! Keep the comments coming din. :)

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