12 October 2016

Header change, heeding change

Spent the last hour tinkering with that header image once again. I do that once in a blue moon. And the moon might be blue indeed, lately. So here we are.

I took that photo in Chiang Mai last June. Yes, I was in Thailand again. And I'd love to go back there. Hopefully with my loves, next time. Let's see if the pocket permits.

I was invited to give a part two of a digital storytelling training I gave for the APWLD i-NGO last year. Their year-long training had a Chiang Mai leg, their hometown. So I went. And I'm glad I did. I found this image in one of the temples scattered inside the old Chiang Mai town area, which is reminiscent of Intramuros in a way, since I can see the huge old walls enclosing the very commercial areas already. I had a chance to visit many of the temples, major and minor. It was a good recharge. 

Speaking of recharge, the pockets are also getting some of that. The year is characterized by many trips which allow me to earn and teach. Always a good combi, those two. Earn, teach, and travel, so three. When parked in my home office, various types of work pull me off offline. Book projects, editing gigs, and other fun stuff that makes my pocket sigh with relief. And burp. Hence the social media silence. More so the blogging silence. But there's more to that.

It seems that the default take of my soul is to be quiet lately, since this new leadership of ours started. It's somehow ruining the zen of things in my circles, be it immediate or the far-reaching. It's really a strange time we're in these days, and to tell you the truth, reality is not such a hoot. Maybe this is why I'm being pulled back to fiction, specifically writing fiction. Aside from having a loooooong backlog of things to finish writing and things to start revising like ASAP, my mind is full of new stories that are yearning to get out. I don't know if it's a reaction to our immediate realities, but I don't think it's necessarily connected. Or maybe in a way, it is, slight. Or I'm looking for an alternative way of expressing thoughts. Or opinions. Or maybe I just want to write fiction.

Yeah, that might be it. I just want to write fiction. Period. 

It has been a while. I use blogging as my jumping off point for writing more things. But I think silence might be the best way to rest a weary soul these days. For in silence, we get to thread through our thoughts that might be criss-crossing with other weaves of existence already. Might be time to realign trails. I already know which paths to take, and which to avoid. Smarter is the new sexy, after all. And that we always are.

In the meantime, I'll try my best to share stuff online, once they're finished. I still have to get back on track on so many things. But yes, putting thoughts to paper, or the digital screen, will be part of this new journey of reboot. Because sometimes, the soul also needs to defrag.

Thanks for hanging on. Yes, I also am. So should we all, if hope is not to be lost.

Let's find more. And spread it around.

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