05 February 2014

Retro to grade

Was about to start my work day when I found my star readings amusing for today.

To wit:
General Daily Horoscope

We are eager to start something today, but getting a project off the ground may be more challenging than we expect. Although the enthusiastic Aries Moon strikes a background note of enterprising spirit coupled with impulsive behavior, we could run into complications from stressful lunar alignments with naysaying Saturn and go-for-it Mars. Additionally, confusion is in the air as cerebral Mercury prepares to turn retrograde on Thursday.

Taurus Wednesday, Feb 5, 2014

No matter how much you might want to focus on your feelings, it's challenging to stop your mind from spinning around in circles today. You are thinking about so many different things and the thoughts continue to fly by, just out of your grasp. Frustration arises if you attempt to make use of your fantastic ideas, but there's no reason to be overly concerned about productivity for now. Instead, just sit back and enjoy the show.

Cancer Wednesday, Feb 5, 2014

Your flexible attitude allows you to temporarily minimize an unresolved issue today. You can easily let go of emotions that were bothering you in return for a bit of spiritual refreshment and social enjoyment. However, you might not be ready to relinquish all your feelings, but at least set them aside for a while without judging anyone too harshly. Spending some quality time with your friends or family is more restorative if your heart is fully open to the experience.

Wala naaliw lang ako. Medyo swakers na naman eh. Retrograde na naman pala si pareng Mercury bukas kaya kelangang kumapit pa. Nang extra. At bonggang bongga.

Speaking of bongga, may nag-tag sa akin sa Twitter at FB nitong materyal na ito kanina. Hehe hangkyot ni Maxie the Musical kiddie dito sa vid na ito, gawa nina Jonas sa TLFshare hehe:

Paborito ko 'yung inlab siya sa kangkong. Halaman! Hahahahaha! Lavet! Sana dumami pa yan hehe. Gujab TLF! Wagi!

O siya, back to work. More laterz.

At happy February na rin pala yo. 

This is what "cute kahit stressed" looks like. Hahaha! Yeah. Ako nah.

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