23 November 2012

Give a little, thank a little

When you say "thanksgiving" this is the image I remember, which I so kinda miss sometimes:

Happy thanksgiving pare. Bambuhin ka ng pilgrims mode. Chos.

 Di siya kasya teh. Laki eh.

Er yeah, me eating that huge-ass turkey leg somewhere in California. Baon namin ng kapatid ko, nabili from loitering around Disneyland for two days some two years ago when I visited her there. They were selling it in a food cart of turkey legs, ganun.

It looks more appetizing in person pramis.

Taob ang adidas 'no teh? Sila na. 'Lam mo naman -- everything in America is big!

 Me and my sis, day 1 sa Disney Cali Adventure. 
That's the Disneyland na pang-"adults" slight.

Disney day 2 sa Disney proper, 
o 'yung "happiest place on earth" daw. 
Happy nga naman siya teh. 'Wag mo lang isipin 
ang komersyalismo, you're all good!

Wala lang. With a lot of people in my social media feeds saying "Happy thanksgiving!" nakikiuso rin naman ang ibang wala sa US sa pagsabi nito. So ayun, thanksgiving mode din lola mo now.

But it should be everyday, like Valentine. Right now, I could enumerate many things that the universe still keeps throwing my way, things that I am grateful I encountered. Even amidst adversity and pockets of personal and professional grief, I could still say I'm lucky I'm alive, I'm lucky I was able to get through the day, and I'm lucky I get to share pockets of my life with people that matter. 

Yes, that's just it: I'm thankful that I get to still feel all these things. Super grateful.

But what I appreciate more is the never-ending supply of things that I thought I already ran out of, but they still come. Work opportunities, travel opportunities that go along with them, camaraderie with a few good old friends, and new acquaintances that turn to good friends eventually. Just when I thought I've lost quite a few of those, the universe turns the rock around and unearths more precious stones than the fakes I've been holding on all these years. Yes, sometimes emotional earthquakes need to happen in order to surface the best that's yet to come.

And I'm grateful for those "little earthquakes" now, as lola Tori Amos once sang about. 

Loving the essence of having work bring me to 
different places where I need to ride a plane 
in order to get there. Sarap. Babaw ako that way eh.
This is my flight from Manila to Davao this month.

Went to Davao on my capacity as member of 
Isis GM board and now, media literacy trainer. 
This was uber fun. Pagoda sa utak, but enriching.

Of course the side trips, albeit small and brief, are things I also live for. 
I'm easy to please. The universe knows how.

Also rode a plane to Pagadian twice in the last two months 
to have another uber-pagoda training there but very, 
very enriching nonetheless. It's these things that I live for now, 
mostly, these gigs. Wish I could have more.

Getting accidental work stuff are also pleasant surprises. More to come! 
That's the power of good networking at work, mind you. 
My one and only secret in this life: retaining good networking 
relations with most people I meet. It literally pays off, man.

Also grateful for people who still make it worthwhile
 for me to battle wars that are raged against me in fields 
that should not matter anymore. Truly appreciate their presence, 
reminders for me to always see "the other side" and not to 
dwell on the dark side of the moon. Transformers talaga ang peg teh!

Busy-busy-han ang life. Kahit marami ka pang gustong gawin, kahit marami ka pang gustong puntahan, at kahit marami ka pang nais mangyari, the thing to rule pa rin dapat is, take things one day at a time. And I did. Still do.

Of course, may maiiwan pa bang gratefulness sa ibang larangan ng buhay? Dapat meron. Grateful lang na nariyan pa rin ang mga nariyan sa buhay ko, lalo na sa nilalang na nagmamahal pa rin sa akin kahit malayo kami sa isa't isa. Wow, who woulda thought? It has been one year this month na natisod namin ang isa't isa online. And it has been about 10 months or so na naging kami na talaga. Marami pa akong naiisip gawin kasama siya, at marami pa rin akong gustong mangyari sa aming dalawa. Sana lang ay mabigyan pa ako ng pagkakataon ng universe para mangyari ang mga dapat pang mangyari. Abangan na lang natin ang susunod na mga kabanata.

Daming nangyayari. Dami pang dapat mangyari. One day at a time lang beks. And everything falls into place. Always.

Alam mo 'yan.

Just live by the golden rule. Always.

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