08 March 2012

i am woman, hear me roar

As I type this, Manila is still asleep, but the start of a new date is already here.

It's International Women's Day. IWD.

At last year's IWD in front of Congress where musicians performed
in support of the RH Bill. That's *the* Cynthia Alexander
performing sa likod ko. (March 2011)

I remember a speech given by my ka-birthday Barbra Streisand eons ago about how she wishes that, one day, we will not celebrate this day anymore. I a
gree. This only means that the moment we don't celebrate one special day of something is the moment when we are already celebrating that something on a daily basis (parang balentaymz lang 'yan teh devah chos). Yes, not designated as one special friggin' day of a year. One year has 365 and 1/4 days and yet we only celebrate WOMEN once a year??? ONCE???

Hell no.

I celebrate women every second! Nano-second! Every second I'm alive, I take pride and celebrate that I am a woman! Bakit ba. Well okay, since I redefined my self as queer/genderqueer, maybe this is one day of the year when the female in me rises more, the yin more powerful than the yang. Pwedeh? Tanggapin.

[And what did I do last year during IWD? Numo-nosebleed academic hehe. Itich.]

Anyway, dahil di ako makakasama sa anumang kawomenan event today because of my foot injury, blog na lang. Or vicariously remember my past IWD events hehe.

At the art exhibit opening of women artist friends,
UPFI's contribution for IWD 2008.
This artwork made by my lezzie friendsheep.
(Bernal Gallery UP 2008)

Sankapa! Mega-flashback IWD 2005 as me and my co-Isiswomen
hung out at rotonda para maki-miron sa Gabriela-led celeb.
Man I miss these days. Miss working for NGO sector sometimes.
Balikan natin? Chozzzz. (March 2005)

Happy IWD nonetheless. Patuloy nating ipaglaban ang karapatan ng mga kababaihan, hane? Maging sino ka man, beks. Maging sino ka man.

At rakenrol na lang!

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