14 February 2012

just for this moment...as long as you're mine

Because sometimes, it's not enough to be faster than a speeding bullet or to be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Or even walk on water.

Sometimes, we have to defy gravity.

So I did just that.

And she did, too.

And, to quote Elphaba, "For the first time, I feel...wicked."

May tama ka teh. Ikaw na.


  1. Fly, skyline pigeon fly. Chos! Sabi nga ng maling songhits na pinagpraktisan ko ng Greatest Love of All nung bata ako..."Everybody's searching for an EAGLE, people need someone to look up to..."
    Lipad na darna, lipad! :)

  2. aprub! ang sarap naman..i wish i have a broomstick myself! ....twistedhalo

  3. eto na, tume-take off na lola niyo!!! :)whoooooooooosh!