13 January 2012


So if I'm nothing but a distant memory for you, then you're nothing but an archived photograph for me.

Thanks for pointing this out to me, universe.

Now let's open this new package. Freshly delivered to my doorstep.


And good morning Marikina! Let's emerge from the darkness now.
Apollo, do your thang! See you later, Artemis.
(photo outside my window right now)

Note to self 1: Please turn this into a full-blown fiction piece in the near future. [Wagi ka talagang mag-isip ng opening lines, beks. Ikaw na, ang writer!]

Note to self 2: Stop arguing with Fil-Am dykes who don't listen. Ruins your sleep. [Ayan napapala mo kaka-chat. Magsulat ka na lang muna kasi.]

Note to self 3: Don't be scared. It's just love. [Puta ka, walang ganyanan hayup.]

Note to self 4: Pakinggan si Melanie Marquez. Been there, been that. [Repeat performance na naman? Pagoda coldwave lotion mode na.]

Note to self 5: Magtrabaho ka na punyeta. [Maya na, katamad e.]

Note to self 6: Google is your friend. [Punyeta define cuboid.]

Note to self 7: Stop talking to yourself. [Taena walang basagan ng trip, teh. Nubeh.]


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