11 December 2011

note to self mode and all that fortify jazz

We really have to listen to the universe sometimes. Like today.

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)

Sunday, Dec 11th, 2011 -- You could feel stuck behind a wall of worry as you hold on to old beliefs that aren't relevant to your current situation. Nevertheless, you may still create convincing stories to justify your fears today. But self-doubt isn't helpful and only increases your sense of isolation. Rather than looking back to the past, envision the future just as you wish to see it. Focusing on positive affirmations is smarter now than playing into a more negative outlook.

So there. Yes, heeding!

Plans have been changing on a daily basis, but I'm glad some things
just pop out of nowhere and just shake up my world in more ways than one. The only catch is, sometimes di yata kinakaya ng powers ko, all that shaking and shoving and shriveling. Man I need strength! Of the emotional kind! But yes, getting there, getting there. As a good friend pointed it out to me, "You're not depressed; you're just very sad." Hm may difference pala? Hahaha now I know! But yes, kidding aside, that really is good to know. Oh well.

It's really good to get in touch with people that care. I sometimes tend to focus on certain individuals that I seem to neglect others around me, other people who actually turn out to care more for me than those fuckers I've been focusing on pala, for so long. Life lesson learned the hard way there, and I'm glad the universe is kicking in to help me on that one. So I am thankful indeed.

It's kinda like that main Project Fortify photo I posted here a few weeks ago. Which turns out to be a manifesto of a conscientious design company in the US. If I love their manifesto in their photo-poster, what more the video version:

And it has biking to boot! Man I soooooo love this! Added it to my favorites on my Youtube channel.

Here's that photo again:

Oh yeah, I also jazzed up my channel, after years of being dormant. I decided it's time to update it and it's a good thing some of my works are online na pala. So linking lang ang kailangan and then some more uploading. But it's also good that Youtube also jazzed up their design so it really looks like a sleek pang-demo reel type of site na for me. Which is why I revived it. Take a look here.


I think 2012 is promising to be a better year for me, this early. There are signs and yes, brass rings that, if I don't grab, I might regret missing th
em. We'll see. And yes, sometimes, there are neglected things I need to pick up again, forgotten projects that need to be revived, ignored personas yearning to be involved again. Yes, I am listening, fueling, rewiring, reprogramming things to accommodate all of them. As in ALL. No kidding.

I also have to remind myself never to repeat what mistakes I committed this past year. Lovable ones notwithstanding, and regrettable ones that need not be repaired.

Sige let's do this. HOO-HAH!

Life is short. Let's dance.
(at UP CMC audi / December 2011 photo by Maya)

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