13 October 2011

this is not about them

Them again? Yeah, them again. Deym agen. Damn again.

Sabi nga sa isang film thesis ng student ko, BAD MAMAW! BAD MAMAW! BAD MAMAW!

This is one heck of a week so far for me, in terms of personal communications,
professional engagement tinkerings, and catastrophic revelations. Universe, the weekly quota is enough, okay? Just sayin'. So take it easy for the rest of the week and let the next one run, er, smoother?

It's again a hodgepodge of emotions but I'm glad that what comes out on top are the positive ones, notably from people I love who love me back, and from people whom I am supportive of because I can see that they are worth supporting.

Now what irks me are those who show support yet in reality, they are merely
wolves in sheep's clothing. It has been revealed, yet again, to me, that this epic saga between good and evil, the one where I was cast unknowingly to be Princess Leia to a Darth Vader, is still running in production! And I thought this film was already canned and shelved? Strange to be pulled back in the limelight of a stage you thought was already dismantled. Hm. And interesting enough, the cast is growing, from Shylock to Hamlet to the village idiot, among other character archetypes joining in. Shakespearean tragedy na ito! To the epic levels!

Well, but more of the Hamlet types are in another aspect of my universe. I am so being killed by all this professional indecisiveness that I feel like flying out of one coop because of this. I'm just staying because of the money because they're good that way. But hey, I don't know. If the future money trees my friends and I planted will start growing soon, then that will really be such a killer forest. No need to linger on the valley of uncertainty.

swiped from van gogh is bipolar's post on fb

Ang cryptic ko, no? Hehe. Chos. This is what is called non-libelous writing. Mwa.ha.ha.ha. CHOS!

Wala, gusto ko lang maglabas. Lately, I find that there are just literally a handful of people I could really talk to who will give me honest to goodness answ
ers and guides. And I'm glad one of these people are more actively engaged with me now, even if it's "merely" from a distance. Technology rocks in this manner. So yes, I am happy and glad about that one. As in really! :) And then, yes, this -- writing it out, whether in blogs or my personal journals. Or both.

Hmmm... so what do we do with the assholes? Well, I guess jus
t leave them in the gutter of their lives because frankly speaking, I don't want to be dragged down by such small-minded thinking. I have better things to do with my life, even if they don't have anything better to do in theirs but malign you and spy on you. I guess that is how interesting my life is, that I become the subject of other people's scrutiny. Mga walang magawa, as we say in Filipino -- those who don't have anything to do. Well, maybe they're just envious, and I really don't get why. If there is one of the seven deadly sins that I don't really get, it's envy. I mean, I don't suffer from it so I don't get why some make me the subject of their suffering of it. You know? Hm. Labo.

Maybe because I do this:

swiped from a friend's account on fb as swiped from the site identified in the pic

Heh.heh. Dedma lang. And then, as with all the actions in my life, I just
follow my life mantra taken from one of my favorite books, Louisa May Alcott's Little Women -- HOPE AND KEEP BUSY. Yun lang. :)

and the winner is...me! i...thank you! in a major major way. chos.
(somewhere in Davao / Sept2011 photo by superfriend M)

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