17 October 2011

this is not about...those?

Hahaha whatever those are!

Just stumbled upon this photo on Facebook and I thought it was appropriate for something I recently learned.

Di ba wagi?

Stumbled upon a friend this week and she told me that there's still this rumor being circulated about me pala, which has been like a
lingering/pestering pus of a wound that wouldn't heal. And no, the wound ain't mine, mind you. Apparently, it's someone else's -- the rumormonger's.

In a cast of characters where the stranger is a person I don't know and I haven't met, and the friend is, well, my friend, the rumor apparently goes like this:

Stranger: Hey, do you know Libay from ___?
(it varies how I am introduced)

Friend: Yes, why?

Stranger: Hm, apparently, ___ (rumormonger) sai
d that
Libay stole ___'s (rumormonger's) girlfriend.

Friend: Really?

Cue laughter here.

You know, I actually pity people who spread rumors about themselves. Because frankly, I don't see this as an act of spreading a rumor about me. Because if you dissect this rumor very well, like in a formalist analysis type of shitz as we do in the academe, I don't end up as the "bad guy" here. P
ramis! Haba pa ng hair ko, to have someone's girlfriend dump that someone for me!!! O di ba? Haba ng hair ko! Ako na! Hahaha!

Di ba, if we expound, isn't it funny to spread that:

a) You had a girlfriend stolen from you???

b) You had a girlfriend who wasn't interested enough in you that she apparently was willing to get stolen??? By whoever! Not just me. Di ba? Credit some free will naman here to your ex!

c) You're the type of person whose girlfriends are willing to leave you (i.e. get "stolen") for other people???

d) You're the type of person whose idea of coping from a heartbreak is to identify a villain outside of your body and pin your insecurities of b
eing dumped on this villain? A.K.A. me!!! Me=villain. Well thank you for making me Lex Luthor, but you ain't exactly Superman material, honey. You're not even Robin (sidekick) material. I mean haller, no Justice League or League of Extraordinary whetevers would recruit you, because... oh yeah wait, some group will actually recruit you! Because, as people around us (a.k.a. our common friends) described you years ago (when I didn't know you yet), you're a psychic/energy vampire daw! They coined the term, not me ha. (I am actually envious that I didn't come up with that description!) I actually didn't know what that meant when I heard writer friends describe you as such, but it means pala that by merely standing beside you, you suck the energy out of people beside you, because that's how negative you are daw as a person. Imagine that! I heard that even before I met you, and I heard it again when I finally met you and became your friend. During that time, I still treated you as a friend so I just shrugged it off whenever I would hear that from someone, until I proved to myself that you're not merely an energy vampire, but you are a dementor personified. Harry and Hermione would love to wave their wands on you, dear. Tsk.

e) And worse, this girlfriend, the one you said I "stole" from you, left you in 2008!!! Check the calendar. It's 2011 na. And you still talk about this ex getting "stolen" in 2008, du
ring 2011??? Jeeezus H. Christ!!! This is soooo last decade! Chos.

Hm but wait, let me see. During the time that you said I "stole" your girlfriend, I actually had a girlfriend back then in 2008. In fact, when 2008 entered, I was with this girl and then we broke it off during the latter half of the year (and as your ex told us, meaning me and her friends, you guys split during
the first half of 2008, during the time I was with this girl whom I became girlfriends with since 2007). But in less than a month, I had another girlfriend who stayed with me for the rest of 2008 and past that year as well, until the latter part of 2010. But again, after a month, I met this wonderful girl naman and we had a really, really great and super-loving bond which spilled over to the new year of the new decade of 2011. Meaning I don't really have a problem in this department of finding girls or girls finding me. Meaning I don't have to steal someone's girl in order to have a girl. It's as clear as day, hey. Heheh.

Soooobrang haba ng hair ko, pare. Hahahaha!

So hmmmmmmm, ano na, teh??? I don't know about you anymore, since I stopped being your friend the moment you fabricated this lie
about me, about this stealing thing. But geez, kawawa ka naman. I pity you. You still have this issue to this very day??? What have you been doing all these years? Jeezus.

Like that sign said, haters, fools, and idiots. Apparently, t
his rumormonger is all three -- rolled into one. Yeah, those people. Haters, fools and idiots. Tsk. Such a pity. Learn from this, folks, and try to abide by karma's rules. The truth of the matter is, the kind of energy you emit (negative/positive) will be the kind of energy you will attract. So take heed, because the universe always listens -- and keeps tabs.

illustration by robert alejandro, swiped from a friend's account on FB

There are soooooooo many things to do in this world, soooo many wonderful things to accomplish, sooooo many sights to see, sooooo many wonderful tasks to ignite. It's a shame that they focus on negativity alone. No wonder the universe ain't so kind to these people. Well, we all choose our paths. I'm just glad they're out of mine.

So again, to reiterate:

Talaga! AKO NA! Heheh.

Rock on, folks! :)

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