23 April 2011

barely breathing

No, I haven't fallen into a ravine of forgetfulness. I was just merely trying other platforms.

And with that, a cross-post. Here's me trying out this Tumblr thing, making a new Leaflens offshoot that's meant to be a travel blog which will also collapse an earlier food blog I started. It's at Leaflens Lamyerda, with a longish entry about my latest travel -- to the beach of San Juan, La Union.

I am also in Twitter universe now. Add me up as @leaflens. Still trying to get the hang of it. Bear with me.

And in a few minutes, I turn 38. Not a good age to be queer in the Philippines but it's a great year to be alive on earth.

Just saying.

bowing down to the universe, ready for the next cycle.
(San Juan, La Union / April 2011 photo by superfriend L)

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