14 February 2011

i'd rather (be)...

...there than here.

...dancing than worrying.

...write fiction than academic articles.

...typing than procrastinating.

...you than me.


I'd rather hang out with my sister again (like last year) and discover what crazy California has to offer than hang out with people who give you stress even if you run away from them because they still follow you no matter what which makes you wonder if they have a life of their own that they're so curious to look into mine.


[at Universal Studios Citywalk area, April 2010 photo by my sis]

I'd rather be along Broadway than being boredthisway. Garbage notwithstanding.

[along Broadway in New York, March 2010 photo by K]

I'd rather roam around anywhere in the country than being stuck in a rut with pretentious scholarly runts and cunts. (Okay I know that sounds bad but sorry I was achieving a rhyming effect there.)

[internalizing Intramuros, Jan 2011 photo by superfriend L]

I'd rather keep an ear on rock legends playing classic songs than shutting off my senses to protect them from noise emanating from hollow shitheads that fancy themselves as rock stars.

[watching Lolita Carbon at Taumbayan, Feb 2011 photo by superfriend L]

But this is actually called "taking a break." Seriously.

And saying goodnight.

And yeah, I still don't do Valentine's. Like I don't do girlfriends.

For now.

But what the heck. I still wrote about love. This is that assignment, all finished:

These successful stories about LBTQ love lives are just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, these things exist. Yes, people are happy in these kinds of relationships. And yes, true love exists within these spaces between people.

So to those of you out there who still don’t believe that this happens, well, it can happen. It’s happening! And for those who have been facing challenges just because you are in this kind of relationship, trust yourselves more that you made the right decision – the decision to be happy, or to be happily in love. In the end, that’s all that matters anyway – happiness. And no one can dictate that upon you, much like no one can take that away from you either.

Read the full article here.



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