08 April 2009

they know me so well...

...to quote that song from the musical CHESS. the stars, i mean. they know me so well hehe.

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Wednesday, Apr 8th, 2009 -- You could become hung up on the details today as work continues to pile up. Normally, you would simply take the tasks one at a time and plow your way through them, but now it's hard to determine even where to start. But procrastinating may not be such a good idea, for the longer you wait, the more difficult it gets -- so be courageous and just jump in anyplace you can.

oo na po! eto na nga! yes yes yo!

hay. grabe sa pagka-oh-em-gee day itey! talagang mapapahiyaw ka ng homaygad!!! info overload, necessary and otherwise.


buti na lang wala nang pasok bukas. yey!

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