06 April 2009

my chorva is contagious!

talaga lang ha!

sige, i needed this. i needed to know this today. as in. thanks, stars!

General Daily Horoscope Influences

The efficient Virgo Moon reflects our need to take care of business today. But it's not sufficient to just get the job done; we need to make sure that it's done right. The pressure to be productive increases throughout the day as the Moon moves to join taskmaster Saturn at 11:10 pm EDT. We won't need anyone else to tell us where we fell short of perfection, for we are each our own harshest judge now and imperfection may be experienced as failure.

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Monday, Apr 6th, 2009 -- You can have quite a good time today, even while going about your work. Your boss may be watching you carefully, which adds to your current concern. And although you might have a lot to do, it could feel good because you actually look forward to demonstrating your capabilities. Don't be afraid of knowing that you can handle the pressure with grace and perform up to anyone's expectations. Your confidence in yourself is contagious.

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