26 February 2009


i had a fucker of a day last night, from beginning to end, spilling over about an hour to the next.

most of my butt suffered in traffic, first in metro manila where the frigging edsa one celebs rerouted most of edsa traffic, causing much traffic everywhere else. buti na lang nakaabot pa ko on time sa isang mega coverage duty scheduled that lunchtime. then from horseshoe vill, on to slex na ginagawa pala punyeta kelan ba matatapos yun, to go to UP los banos for the UP Open University anniversary. it was a big and important academic shindig so naturally, we were there. we just spent like no more than 3 hours there, and then we boarded the uncomfy vehicle back to manila, more butt torture in tow.

i just found the earlier gustatory experience ironic with the latter. at the mega thing, i will be writing a resto feature so the resto i went to served up their sampler dishes that the photoggrapher shot, and then i tasted. i didn't have time to wolf down the entire thing because i was already late for the uplb trip thing. but i was able to sample all dishes, except for the sweet dessert. the food was superb, at dapat lang siguro considering the price. i tasted a 700+pesos worth of liver pate, a 1000+ lamb shank, a 600+salad, an 800+ prawn dish and a 400+ dessert thing. tumbling ito. that was my lunch. sayang mg digicam batteries conked out, napiktyuran ko sana ang mga ito, because they looked prettier, so pretty to eat.

my dinner was something else. it was the freebie sit-down dinner sa openU anniv. the selection wasn't so happy and the servings weren't so filling. had we known na puwede kaming lumafesh na pg-mode (pataygutom, accdg to my friend bubbles' terminology to describe serious lafangan na galit-galit level) outside the official venue, dun na kami umatak. pero dahil hindi na nga, nag-mcdo takeout na lang kami sa slex pabalik sa manila. and of course the required detours sa d'original buko pie store at ang natagpuan namin sa wakas na store ng mernel's that bake the second most delicious butterscotch in the philippines (the first being quan's of bacolod).


pero may pampalubag-loob ang stars.

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Thursday, Feb 26th, 2009 -- As the day progresses, you might become weary of your worldly responsibilities and long for some peace and quiet away from others. Although you truly desire solitude, you are not particularly lazy now. Others may not be able to see how much energy you are actually expending, for you may limit your activity to the realms of imagination and fantasy. This is not a waste of your time; what you dream about today may happen tomorrow.

kapagod pa rin. well, at least that sounds hopeful for today.

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