14 February 2009

a moment of online vanity

as i was reading some things at several links, one of them being wikipedia, i got frustrated because i didn't find what i was looking for. i ended up closing the four tabs i opened at firefox.

before closing wikipedia, though, i thought of looking up my nickname in there, see what it will produce. just a curiosity. as with google and other search engines, whenever i type "libay," it would automatically ask "did you mean libya?"

right, i am a country.

but i discovered that there was an eastern european painter whose last name was libay who lived in the 1800s. okay.

so i decided to add my last name. and when i typed "libay cantor," it asked "did you mean libby cancer?"

wtf??? and there was no explanation for that.


so much for playing with words. and vanity.

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