04 January 2009

my numerology talents report

panalo ito. just bought this for 120 karma coins at tarot.com. winner.

dito ko muna unang ipo-post, baka mawala e heheh. warak ang multiply pa e. saka baka mawarak ang pics doon. nga lang, mej warak din yung ibang parts, especially sa may charting ng traits chorva. makikita lang kapag iha-highlight. puwede na rin.

and if all else fails sa life ko, puwede pa pala akong lumipat sa acting o archeology heheh. ayuz to!


olivia cantor
Born: April 24, 1973
Birth Name: olivia linsangan cantor

About Your Report
About Your Report

Welcome to your Numerology Talents Profile, an innovative way to identify your unique strengths and talents! This report not only identifies your unique personality traits and characteristics, it also points out the specific career fields where you're most likely to succeed. When you're aware of your natural gifts, you can focus your energy in the most fulfilling and productive direction, leading to a more rewarding life. By purchasing this report, you've just taken the most important step of all!

The History of the Numerology Talents Profile

Master numerologist Hans Decoz has been offering personal consultations since the early eighties. He noticed that while most of his clients were primarily concerned with issues of romance, health and finance, many of their obstacles sprung from the less-than-ideal career paths they'd taken. Decoz sensed that if these clients could recognize their greatest talents and abilities, they would feel more fulfilled in general.

According to Decoz, the most happy, healthy and financially secure people are usually those who have made the most fitting choices professionally. Even individuals in stable and happy relationships appear to owe their luck to the stability and enjoyment professional fulfillment can offer. The bottom line is that when a person is satisfied with his vocation, all other aspects of his life -- health, relationships and finances -- are lifted.

Decoz realized that if he could help his clients better understand their strengths and talents, he could empower them to make better career choices. And so the Numerology Talents Profile was born: a visually enticing, easy-to-understand collection of graphs, charts and tables that uses your unique Numerology chart to present the information you need to fuel your path to career bliss!

How Your Numerology Talents Profile Is Created

Those who have taken a close look at the ancient art and science of Numerology know that its potential to reveal a person's true makeup is unparalleled. Like all metaphysical sciences the source of its accuracy and insight is found in the synchronicity of the evolutionary process we are all part of.

Your name is not an accident, and neither is your date of birth or any other facet of your personal makeup. By analyzing these factors, a professional numerologist can tell much about your strengths and weaknesses, your aptitude and quirks ... and so much more.

How It Works

With 30 years of Numerology education and practice under his belt, Hans Decoz is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced numerologists in the world. His incisive understanding of Numerology has allowed him to move outside of the box to understand the personality of numbers, and to make this wisdom accessible to everyone.

After all, each number reflects certain personality traits, and if you understand the numbers that compose your chart, you can better understand your own nature. The Numerology Talents Profile uses this body of knowledge to explain which traits are supported by which numbers.

Each and every trait listed in your personal Numerology Talents Profile is derived from the combination of numbers associated with that trait, weighed by the extent to which those numbers are found in your chart. As you will see, the position of those numbers in your chart is also extremely important.

Using Your Numerology Talents Profile

Your personal Numerology Talents Profile was created by analyzing the numbers found in your chart, which correspond to a wide range of traits. There may be some surprises; you might discover hidden talents you didn't know you have, while you may not score high on some characteristics you expected to have in abundance. This is actually the most valuable aspect of your profile report, as it gives you an unbiased and objective perspective on your true being.

The Numerology Talents Profile is only effective if you use it to inspire careful and honest contemplation. According to Hans Decoz, "Nothing will help you further your goals, find happiness and live a complete and beautiful life more than taking a moment to understand your Numerology makeup, and use it to tap into your best possible self."

Your Personal Numerology Chart
Your Personal Numerology Chart

This chart shows how the various numbers (one through nine) in your personalized Numerology chart are proportioned.

Most people have particular numbers strongly represented while other numbers are less significant. It is not uncommon to have some numbers missing altogether, or to have one number occupying more than 50% of the chart. Master numerologist Hans Decoz has studied thousands of charts in his career, and notes that they can be grouped in three main categories:

  • When a chart is largely (60% or more) dominated by three numbers or fewer, that person has strongly focused talents and traits, and often tends to reach a respectable level of success early in life. This type of individual can also have a smaller range of capabilities.
  • When a chart contains all or most of the nine numbers evenly distributed, it indicates that this person is well-rounded with a wide range of abilities. These people tend to spread their energies in many different directions, and are more likely to flourish later in life.
  • When a chart is dominated by even or odd numbers, chances are that this individual is either extremely practical but not highly imaginative (even numbers), or disproportionately idealistic with somewhat impractical tendencies (odd numbers).

This one-of-a-kind profile helps you understand the special attributes that belong to each number in your chart. You'll also find out to what extent these numbers influence you, the talents and shortcomings they reveal and much more. When you have a clear and realistic understanding of your personal makeup, your chances for success and happiness are multiplied exponentially.

Individual Traits
Individual Traits

This chapter shows your tendency toward a number of personality traits and characteristics. These traits are grouped in a way that makes it easy for you to recognize your strengths as well as your weak areas. No one is perfect, but knowing where you shine and what to avoid will put you at a considerable advantage. However, keep in mind that we often mistake something we enjoy doing for something we are good at, while there are other skills we don't particularly care for but are naturally gifted in.

Read this report with an open mind, and read it more than once. This could be your most powerful tool to finding your true path and reaching your full potential.

Your total score for the Initiative trait is high

Your overall rating for traits in this category is high. You have a strong aptitude for being a dynamic, independent individual. You can make the most of these natural tendencies by pursuing a career or business that puts you in a leadership role, has a wide variety of day-to-day activities and requires you to motivate others. You probably function better in a constantly changing environment, perhaps even outdoors, one that involves at least some physical action. You are probably not happy in a subordinate role.


Your total score for the Self-Expression trait is high

You are skilled at expressing yourself and could potentially be very successful in all aspects of life -- career, socializing, even romance. Writers, performance artists and people working in the media often have a high rating in this area. On the down side, the ability to express yourself well means you can be something of a charmer -- make sure you use this talent only for good!


Your total score for the Inner Life trait is high

You don't take things at face value, but tend to look beyond the obvious. You have the nature of a seeker and, although you may or may not consider yourself "religious," you take the notion that there is more to life than meets the eye very seriously. We often see that studious and/or ferocious readers have a high rating in this area. You tend to work best in a quiet environment, preferably alone or with few colleagues. You also know the perception that intellectually and spiritually (and often inward) oriented people experience less joy and happiness than those who are more extroverted and social is not only incorrect, the opposite may actually be true.


Your total score for the Big Picture Vision trait is mid-range

A healthy balance between the impractical visionary and the practical doer helps you accept the world as it is while at the same time enabling you to see the need to be involved. You may be attracted to politics or the law.


Your total score for the Happiness trait is high

You are naturally happy and energetic, but that does not mean that a disappointment or a distressing event won't affect you as it would others. A negative environment, finding yourself in a job you do not like, money trouble, love gone sour and other unpleasant circumstances can bring you down. However, you have an innate ability to spring back and find reasons to enjoy this life. You have a sense of humor and a love for mankind. You are easily touched emotionally. You are attractive to others regardless of differences in age, culture, social status or gender.

Freedom loving

Relationship Traits
Relationship Traits

These are traits that have to do with your ability to relate to others, whether romantically or in friendship or business. It is especially important to have clarity on how you score in this area since successful relationships are key to both professional and personal growth.

Your total score for the Cooperation trait is mid-range

You work well with others. You may be too agreeable, in fact, as you prefer to avoid confrontation unless you feel the subject is important enough to warrant some discordance. You tend to be a peacemaker and a stabilizing influence to those around you.

Skilled at counseling
Socially apt

Your total score for the Sensitivity trait is mid-range

You are conscious of the feelings and well-being of others and are easily persuaded to help those who are less fortunate. You are naturally drawn to people of all levels of society. You are tolerant, conscientious and generous. You find satisfaction in knowing that your activities make a difference in the lives of others.


Your total score for the Giving trait is high

You are an asset to your community and a pillar of strength and reliability to your friends and family. Others often come to you with their problems and you are quite willing to offer them a shoulder to cry on. You may have to guard against becoming a doormat as others may take advantage of your emotional and material generosity.


Your total score for the Romance trait is high

You give your love fully and without restraint. You have probably experienced many a painful, disappointing encounter as you tend to be very passionate and not as discriminating as you should be. Once you find a partner, however, you are able to show loyalty and commitment for years. In a long-term relationship, you may experience a sudden flare of that old passion -- make sure it's not for someone who's not your partner! Do your best to bring back the initial spark in the relationship, and you will be able to maintain it for years to come.


Success Traits
Success Traits

This chapter shows how strong you are in the traits that are related to your ability to succeed, whether in your work life or in attaining your personal goals. Don't despair if you have a "low" rating in one of these areas; there's still plenty of potential for success. Just focus on the trait where you score highly, and you'll still have a great advantage over everyone else.

Your total score for the Persistence trait is mid-range

Your chances of doing well are substantial. You are capable of putting forth considerable effort and, when all is said and done, effort is the keyword to success and happiness. Your biggest challenge may be your ability to recognize when you are in the wrong place, and then to let go of a career you may already have put many years into in order to pick up a line of work more suitable and satisfying. Your surest path to success is flexibility -- make sure you keep an open mind about what your aspirations actually are, and don't be afraid to start fresh if you change your mind.


Your total score for the Practicality trait is mid-range

Be confident in your chances of success -- you have what it takes to reach any goal you set for yourself, particularly if it involves discipline. Have confidence in your abilities -- you may be less sure about your chances of success than you can and should be. And remember, discipline is a learned behavior -- even if it comes more easily to some than to others.

Money savvy

Career Paths
Career Paths

This chapter shows your natural aptitude for a variety of professions. Pay close attention to how you rate in different types of vocations listed below. You might feel validated in the profession you are pursuing or, if you're in the wrong line of work, you might consider making a major change so you can experience greater happiness in your work and personal life.

Human Resources
Financial Planning

Social work


Design 2d
Design 3d
Visual arts

Public relations
Real estate

Biology/medicine (research)

Skilled labor


Conclusion: Next Steps
Conclusion: Next Steps

You have gained considerable understanding who you are as far as talents, traits and even weaknesses. However, it is vital to realize that there is a deeper part of you, an identity and an awareness that lives deeper than your dreams and well beyond the view of anyone but yourself. This is the part that is unfortunately forgotten on the path to your goals, but paying attention to your intuitive self can be more satisfying than anything even the most spectacular career can offer.

The knowledge you gained from this report will help you to get more out of life and choose the opportunities that will advance your career, while also recognizing those that are not suitable for you, and to let those opportunities pass by without doubt or regret. Something may appear to lead to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, when in reality it will only distract you from the real thing. Your personal Numerology Talents Profile will help you avoid the distraction of less-than-ideal opportunities that will not help you further your aspirations and focus on those that will.

Now that you've gained incredible insight into your natural gifts and talents, you know where to focus your energies and go for the gold. Here are some suggestions for how you can take this information to the next level:

  • Set realistic, short-term goals that help you develop your natural talents and focus on the areas offer the highest potential for success.
  • If you enjoyed this report, explore Hans Decoz's other Numerology reports and learn even more about yourself and how to fulfill your potential.
  • Review this report every so often. This report is saved in your Tarot.com journal for as long as you have your account.
  • Manage "ups and downs" with an interactive Numerology Reflection reading. This powerful advisory tool offers advice and guidance for whatever you are experiencing in that moment. Even with a clear path, you will encounter choices ... a Reflection reading can tap into your subconscious to solve problems that arise.
  • Consult a qualified psychic advisor to complement and expand on what you have learned from your Talent's Profile. Tarot.com's partner Keen offers the personal touch of live advice and guidance from experienced psychics.

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