13 January 2009

ano ne?

i am all too very super uber duper happy for my former ex, kate winslet, heheh, (former na nga, ex pa!) for winning at the golden globe awards kahapon.

yes, she had me at HEAVENLY CREATURES (with uber-director peter jackson of the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy -- and this is a lesbian-themed film ha!). and okay, i permitted her to be in TITANIC (without her, ultimate fail in cheeziness ang film na yun) with leo dicaprio. pero by the time she made ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, break na kami heheh. :P

happiness! magaling na aktres like her deserve to win. except, i cannot quite fathom what the news wires insinuated with this passage...

Winslet, Fey shine at Golden Globes
Philippine Daily Inquirer, Associated Press
First Posted 01:28:00 01/13/2009

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA— Kate Winslet won two awards all on her own—best dramatic actress for “Revolutionary Road” and supporting actress for “The Reader”—at Sunday’s Golden Globes.

Winslet, who has previously been nominated five times without winning at both the Globes and Oscars, won for her role as a woman in a crumbling marriage in “Revolutionary Road” and as a former Nazi concentration camp guard in “The Reader.”

Directed by Winslet’s husband, Sam Mendes, “Revolutionary Road” reunited the actress with her “Titanic” costar Leonardo DiCaprio.

To DiCaprio, Winslet gushed: “I’ve loved you for 13 years and your performance in this film is nothing short of spectacular.” To Mendes, she added: “Thank you for directing this film, babe, and thank you for killing us every single day and really enjoying us actually being in such horrific pain.”


the rest of that news story is here.

pero teka, um, "Kate Winslet won two awards all on her own?" bakit, kelangan ba may katulong siya sa pagkapanalo ng award niya? ano to, "take it, take it" episode ni miss mauritius viveka babajee with the help of l
olit solis???

if you're too young to remember that, ask your lolas, titas or nanays. i'm sure it's also catalogued somewhere in cyberspace, so google away heheh.


other than that, bonjour! at manood kayo ng kidlat tahimik retr
ospective sa UPFI bernal gallery (upfilminstitute.multiply.com) kung feel niyo ang indie counterculture chuva moda, at ng THE THANK YOU GIRLS sa robinson's indiesine (calling all vaklers and beckys! atak mga kafatid! happiness itey!) kung feel niyo ng laugh trip while deciphering visayan gay lingo (may subtitles naman). if you miss that, minus 10,000 points kayo sa life.


and on that note, magandang tuldok ang sabi ng stars sa akin today...

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Tuesday, Jan 13th, 2009 -- Finding a sustainable pace enables you to win the race today, but you have to avoid the trap of thinking that others are judging you. It's not the quality of your work that concerns you; you might feel that someone wants you to work faster. But now you must find the courage to stand up for yourself and let everyone know that you are doing the best you can. Luckily, they will eventually see how productive you re

ally are when you deliver the goods.

deliver is right! malapit na heheh.

touched lang ako sa friendsheeps kahapon, after a weird meeting at work. napapag-usapan ang pagtatapos ng aking kasalukuyang pagsusulat. at talagang nakaabang na ang eat-out pigout to celebrate this! hehe.
yes, complete with world cuisine choice, venue, date and time! kakaiba. haylabyu prendz.

yun nga lang, may conflict dahil mag-e-eskapo ako with another friendsheep long lost na magka-comebacking mode that week. heheh. so pushed back a bit lang ang pigout fiesta. :)

nakakatuwa to be surrounded by likeminded individuals a
t this day and age, no? i miss the other likeminded indivs tuloy jan na di nagpaparamdam... heheh basta you know who you all are :) char!

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