15 January 2009

you should know when to quit...

...or when to leave something alone.

yes, hollywood, i'm talking to you!

don't do this:

Jackie Chan eyed in 'Karate Kid' remake
Agence France-Presse
First Posted 06:13:00 01/15/2009

LOS ANGELES -- Kung fu movie legend Jackie Chan is being lined up for a role in a remake of the hit 1984 film "The Karate Kid," entertainment industry press reported Wednesday.

Daily Variety reported that Hong Kong star Chan, 54, was in final negotiations for the part of the elderly guru who teaches karate to a young boy, played by Jaden Smith, the son of Hollywood icon Will Smith.

The original "Karate Kid" starred Ralph Macchio as a youngster who learns to defend himself from bullies by learning martial arts from an eccentric mentor, played by the late American-Japanese actor Pat Morita.

Morita, who earned a best supporting actor Oscar nomination for his performance as Mr Miyagi, died in 2005 aged 73.

The film spawned two sequels starring Macchio and Morita, as well as a fourth installment in 1994 "The Next Karate Kid," starring future best actress Oscar-winner Hilary Swank.


i grew up watching underdog ralph macchio take on the white trash karate boys of the 80s. i rooted for him, naturally, and this genre interested me because i was also some sort of a karate kid in my lanky preteen years -- well, almost. took some lessons from a neighborhood guy, and that's about it (but picked it up in later years and learned some moves from a shaolin dude, some lang. and arnis nga pala.). pero relate pa rin ako sa kanya. hilary swank also did this, as it said in the report. at sobrang natuwa ako noon because i loved the karate kid films and it was about right to create one with a girl in it - umabot din ang "gender equality" sa genre na ito (and no, RED SONJA doesn't count, kahit andun si karate fil-am boi ernie reyes jr). di ko nga maalalang si hilary pala yun. iba ang dating niya dun. but i still rooted for her, of course. finally, a karate girl!

and i don't think not even another martial arts favorite of mine, jackie chan, could hold a candle to pat morita's cinematic presence. iba siya, ati. it's like having vhong navarro do a tony ferrer spy agent remake of those 70s films. ultimate fail yun.

oh wait, he did that. agent x44 ba? well, like i said, ultimate fail...

si wengweng na lang i-remake niyo. ewan kung sino artista. any ideas? heehee... :P at huwag i-volunteer si mahal (o si mura ba?) heheh.

ang lamig!

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