23 December 2008

jesus in the time of nazi?

[but wait, there's more! hehe. this is the last procrastination exercise of the day. sana.]

wait, slight na-disturbia lang ako ng mej sa photo na itey:

hm. so malamang si jesus ay ipapadala din ni hitler sa auschwitz sakaling nabuhay siya that time... holocaust indeed.

that's the thing with some social art chenes minsan. minsan di ko magets kung they are commenting on a social situation or they project that they are commenting on a social issue but deep down e they *support* it pala. or something like that. basta.

na-creepy-han lang ako sa photo. from a german kasi. ewan nga ang intentions. art stud friends, maybe you know more of these hehe. gut reaction lang naman ang sa akin, wag seryosohin... [hihi parang last week sa xmas party, nag-crack ng nazi joke si roland t about anne dg being so "auschwitz thin" sabi ko nga. pan right ako to reveal our co-teacher na germanic listening in. eep! heheh. hm. i wonder if they still get affected big time by things like that...]

just got this photo in my mail from writer friend marne kilates who runs poet's picturebook. check it out. it's a good read. kilalanin niyo naman ang ating mga lokal/pinoy-blooded na makata/poets. magagaling sila -- tayo!

here's the latest update:

Dear Readers & Friends,

It was 6∘in Benguet two days ago,
our compatriots in New York
are probably shoveling snow,
but Christmas is always warm for Filipinos
wherever they are.

The little online poetry & art
as Filipino, global, and warm on the Literary Web,
greets you with

No. 23, A Special Christmas Issue,
featuring the poetry of
Luisa Igloria, Francis Macansantos, Kristian Cordero,
Victor PeƱaranda & Marne Kilates
& the art of Gottfried Helnwein.

poet'sPicturebook No. 23,
(download the attached ad) is now online.
Visit, bookmark, or add us to your favorites,
& update your links at

(Forward this email-and-links to friends
who like to keep warm with good poetry & art.)

Marne L. Kilates

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visit my sites: Contribute to poet'sPicturebook (poety&art ezine),
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