23 December 2008

tin love+my chemical romance

yep i like buying and sometimes collecting tin can products.

i like pewter, too.

once, i fell for a girl who liked pewter things. one time, i gave her a pewter bookmark without knowing that she liked pewter. and then she blushed, gushed and meekly said thanks and that she likes everything pewter. i smiled and that gave me the courage to finally court her. but lo and behold, she told a common friend that we didn't have "chemistry" daw. and after all that lead-ons! grabe.

chemistry pala ha. and then later i discovered the real reason. seems like may ka-on na siyang taong bakal kung pumorma sa kanyang place of work. fafa na tigasin, hence iron lady hehe, at parang pinagseselos lang niya iyon using me. talk about dramatic irony.

i didn't touch anything pewter again, since that day.

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