27 November 2008

you know where to find me this weekend

writer idol ricky lee will launch his latest book on sunday afternoon. nobela ito, not another scriptwriting manual (although one's in the works na daw, among other works. nagtae ang kuya ng mga sulatin the past 3 years. ayuz).


lgbt tip: may lesbian subplot at gay subplot ang libro. like 2/5 siguro nito. slight metafiction ang arrive kaya maraming karakter.

buy na rin!

one of the official pr:

Ricky Lee’s First Novel Overflows with Love

When screen luminary Ricky Lee decided to send off his
much-awaited first novel into the world, how did his friends and
industry colleagues respond?

Piolo Pascual’s previous movie tour commitment was canceled and he
happily got his wish to be part of the program at the launching of
Ricky’s first novel Para kay B (o kung paano dinevastate ng pag-ibig
ang 4 out of 5 sa atin).

Marilou Diaz-Abaya is enthusiastically megging the program, presently
rehearsing with Ricky’s other showbiz friends like Chanda Romero, Gina
Alajar, Cherie Pie Picache, Cesar Montano, Lorna Tolentino, Malu de
Guzman and Eugene Domingo for the star-studded grand launch. Ricky
Davao, Cooky Chua and Skarlet will also grace the occasion with love

Thirty eight (38) independent filmmakers led by Jeffrey Jeturian, Lav
Diaz, Raya Martin, Dante Mendoza, Ellen Ongkiko, among others, will do
2-5 minute short films based on segments of the novel to make a Para
kay B omnibus film -- for free. The film is slated to come out next

Self-published like his other best-selling book Trip to Quiapo, the
novel overflows with love – both exemplified through the loving support
of Ricky’s friends in all the book’s phases and in its content. It
tells the story of a writer who crafts five love stories as an offering
to his beloved. However, these are not the usual love stories as they
are placed amid the social backdrop of floods, urban crimes, media
manipulation, anti-corruption rallies, extra-judicial killings and gay
pride marches.

The book will be distributed by Anvil Publishing; it will be available
in bookstores starting the first week of December. Among the sponsors
of the show are Artworks, Infinity and Emerald Headway.

The grand book launch will take place on November 30, Sunday, 4 PM at
the UP Bahay ng Alumni, Diliman, Quezon City. Attend this event and get
an autographed copy of the novel by getting your passes/bookmarks now
from the Writers Studio. Contact Jerry at 0921-7849363 / 0917-5331948
or e-mail to <writers.studio12@gmail.com>. For press details,
contact Gay Domingo 0917-5413010 / gmd012@gmail.com

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