02 November 2008

hanep sa pagka-swak

when the stars speak, they make sense. lotsa sense. sobra.

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Sunday, Nov 2nd, 2008 -- You are seeking a deep connection now with someone who can lift your spirits. But it's not easy for you to let go of the concerns you have, which could place walls between you and a special friend. Instead of letting your fears get in the way, do the sensible thing and talk about your feelings. This can break the ice and open a path that would otherwise remain closed.

di ba?



ayoko na. enrollment na bukas. this coming week. parang kumindat lang ang sembreak a. tapos, like a flirt seducing you to glance at her yummy assets for a while, disappears without a trace, like a bubble that popped in thin air.


sana lantern parade na.


at parang oktubre, marami ring magaganap sa nobyembre. abangan! haggard-haggard-an itey. na masaya.

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