10 September 2008

when i am tired of being a person...

sometimes it tires me, to be a person
especially when i have to be civil to other persons
who do not act like they deserve
the title of being called "human being"
precisely because they are not humane
nor are they beings with interesting facets
merely entities that bother your realities
we all have our own idiosyncracies to deal with
so please, please and pretty, pretty please
do not throw your neuroses at me
and learn how to deal with your own shit
in your own goddamn backyard.

[apologies to pablo neruda]


yes, galit ang lola niyo. imbey!


sometimes, when older people get to me, i refocus myself on why i am here: for the younger people.

so up yours, mga tanders kayo. pweh!

oo galit talaga ako. buset.

down with divas.


and a note to self i wrote last monday, after being trapped at the side of vargas museum by the onslaught (literal!) of that pesky bagyo.

a geometry of thoughts

picture this...

three girls stranded at the side of a museum
trapped by rain, wind and the absence of umbrellas
scared of thunderclaps, croaking frogs and murmuring guards
fused at the vortex of various angles of discussion

insights framed words and plans and fears
plucking wisdom from above, below and inside
we all have our tendencies to wallow
in our own little worlds of needs

in the end, we agree to agree
never mind the naysayers, we bellow
mea culpa caveat emptor non sequitur -- chorva!
basta ang ending, lagi kaming maganda!

yun na!



pag okay na ko, uwi na ko...

just shaking off some shyettt. ayokong iuwi ang nega energies na ganito e. it ruins my beauty sleep. char!

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