28 September 2008


happy pala ito. :)

wala lang.

this one, originally posted at my downelink account:

(for goldstar)

that signature smile
covered playfully
with that
shy palm
of yours
killed me tonight
hitting straight where
it should not matter
the most
these days

it's guarded;
supposed to be...

supposed to be.

weakening knees abound
shaking voices fluttered
piercing stares avoided

that was in the

a kiss or two shared
holding hands patted
pained souls bared

that was at the

still, we remain
not at ease
perhaps distanced
by the past
fencing in
the present
to avoid
future mistakes

after all,
we know how it is
to scratch that itch
that the sting of that kind
leaves in our skins

...and hearts.

still, we bear it.

and we bare.

we bared.

next stop, la union. who wants to go surfing?

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