30 September 2008

tumbling sa definitions

been lurking at friendster lesbian groups (meron pala nun!) for some time now because i have been studying this online phenomenon of "the clan" chorvalu sa younger lesbian circles. i wanna update myself kasi on the scene and this is one way of doing it, at isusulat ko siya in the future. ay basta, academic ito eheheh.

anyway, sa mga groups, may forums at may isang nag-post ng topic na ito. merits reposting kasi tumambling ako sa mga definitions.

hey anj, inspiration for the next next next dd hehe.


tell me what type are you?
beacause im 100% sure that i'm BUTCH Laughing

Butch is the english term for Tomboy
Butch is Female Who
Dress Up=Male
Love Femme Only

Femme is the english term for Tomgirl
Femme is Female who
dress up=female..
They Love Butch ONLY

Lessy is female who
dress up=female...
Love Lessy Only

Female who are stuck in between becoming Butch Or Femme...
Somehow,they can love Butch,Femme and Lessy
Can dress up like Guys or Gals if they want...

Andro Butch
This is Female who is andro but more to butch...
that means they look more masculin...
And love Andro Femme or Femme....
She might be a little bit like Femme

Andro Femme
Female who is andro but more to femme...
that means they look more feminin...
and love andro Butch or Butch..
she might be a little bit like butch

Female who have female figure....
Long hair...However..She's a butch!(Attitude like butch...)

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


kalurkey di ba?

eto ang sagot ko sa thread:

i am queer.

i'm none of the above. i see myself as a woman who loves another woman, even if i don't look very feminine or womanly -- because my looks are my self-expression, and it has no gender or sexual orientation.

and i don't want a woman who thinks she is a man. sorry if that offends some here. kanya-kanya lang pong taste. respecting each other.



hm, tignan natin. baka jombagin ako ng mga fafa.

la lang. trying to instill something different. i'm seeing how they'll react.

it's a social experiment. ang saya-saya! heheh :P

kayo, what type are you? hihihihihi.

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