03 August 2008

weekend warbler: rainy days and weekends do not get me down

there are times that the sound of rain splashing all over could calm me. i don't know why.

there are also times that the sight of rain pouring down all over everything could calm me as well.

yes, i am an audiovisual person. i need to see and hear, and i also need/want to be seen and heard... i suppose.

personal is best.

so yes, i am calm. now.

for now.


i like what the stars are reminding me.


Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Saturday, Aug 2nd, 2008 -- Just when you believe that your feelings are under control, someone says something that gets you all worked up. Feeling anxious about how others might react to you could prevent you from speaking your piece. But keeping your emotions to yourself won't help either, for they will likely build up and explode later on. It's better to be in control and let it out little by little than to be at the whim of an unconscious outburst.

Sunday, Aug 3rd, 2008 -- You have a rather pragmatic way of turning your day into one filled with pleasure. But you may be so concerned with making sure that everything happens just as it should that you inadvertently exclude yourself from the enjoyment. You may feel fully responsible for everyone, but you are only one person. If others don't want to share in the work, perhaps they shouldn't share in the fun.



need to remind myself that sticks and stones may break my bones but words do not affect me, especially when mouthed off by unreliable people who have nothing better to do but make grandiose claims about themselves that they are far better mortals than the rest of us folks.

in short, mga mabababaw na papansin.

in the end, who's sitting where? and who's with whom? and who's doing what?

ganyan talaga ang life. daming tanong.

dedma lang mga ati. remember, tayo pa rin ang byuti. chozzzzzzzzzzz!

and i love you all. mwah!


farewell my concubine took place earlier. my friend finally passed by to pick up my desktop computer which she bought. well, that's it for me, i guess. end of an era.

welcome to the ultra mobile world, libay.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

i wish my new baby would be here with me soon. can't wait! excited mama ako. cheka! bagong bubutingtingin! hehehe.

in the meantime, i posted some old archival pix there at the pitik section. enjoy!

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