04 March 2008

dahil walang takas sa stars...

patay. buking ako ng universe:


Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Tuesday, Mar 4th, 2008 -- You are a bit stressed at work, but you cannot just go home to avoid the tension. Don't worry; you'll be able to rest later. Although your heart may not be totally committed, you need to show up for others anyway. Even if you have uncertainties about your capability, don't hold back. Fulfill your current responsibilities the best you can and then tackle what's next.

strange sobra.

man, i hope i get to rest now. as in.

kakapagod kasi e.


talking about things that remind me why i gave up on something is quite disconcerting to me lately. i really don't know if i want to go back to that life again, a life i already tried and got tired of, eventually. yes, i know this is scary. but... hay...

don't mind me. i'm talking to the cosmos.

isang round pa nga ng aurora borealis dyan. ch



someone said someone's leaving. i say GOOD RIDDANCE. the country doesn't need another credit-grabbing social climbing pretender.

which reminds me. why do i have friends who credit-grab? as a bunch of concept creators, shouldn't we be protective of each other's concepts instead of the other way around? ano'ng nangyari sa inyo, ha? punyeta.

but yeah, don't remind me. i've been robbed so often that i wonder why people don't learn from their past. i certainly did. that's because, unlike most filipinos, i look at my past and actually learn from it.

such is me. chos.


a dear friend said earlier that miss niya tuloy ang good ol' days namin when all we had was innocence and stink from 3 days of no ligo ligo because we were doing a marathon tuhog film shoot.

ako, di ko miss yon. kasi ayoko nang tumakbo on red bull and one hour of sleep each day for 2 consecutive days and then go straight to editing for the whole afternoon the third day while making katok the groupmates to hurry na with the fucking original musical score na tapusin na nilang i-record dahil hindi ko mailatag ang audio bed sa punyetang LINEAR EDITING MACHINE. at nasa fishbolan silang lahat. malamig sa editing room at wala akong jacket. hudassssssss ito.

but yeah, those were fun days, i admit.

before we all became professional. and that changed everything.

you know what i mean.


no, hindi ako naiinggit at hindi ako nanghihinayang. you know what? i'm actually happy where i am today. okay na ako doon. sa inner life, i mean.

at least hindi ako nato-trobol o nasisipa or naiintriga or nafo-force to resign ng mga networks and companies na dinaanan ko no. i'm proud of that. my networks are solid. integrity kasi yan e. yan ang wala sila kasi e. hmp.

sabi nga ni ate vi, "it's not my problem anymore; it's your problem anymore!"


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