10 March 2008

again, i can't sleep, but it's not what you think...

just today (or yesterday, kasi umaga na pala), got this link from several sources. handame lang ha, mga chismosa kayo! hehehe. and curiosity got in the way of sleep. and here we are.

yes, i checked it out. it's a blog of an australian gay guy who got gypped of 70k dollars by an alleged social climber guy na ex niya na pinoy. until he gets his money back, he dishes the dirt on famous socialites of today blah.

well, let me just say, it's like kitty go all over again. but with real vendetta. she was just catty and bitchy (and distanced). this brian guy is, wow...scorned, man. grabeh.

and i understand why.



i've been meaning to buy kitty's book since i heard of it sometime in the early 2000s. at that time kasi, i was also outlining a book similar in project.

okay, back story. that link above is about the chi chi high society pasosyal group of today with noted people like celine lopez and tim yap. the rest, read na lang yourself. basta something about this group that baptized itself as the "gucci gang" daw. whatever.

anyway, kitty go was the former publisher sa summitmedia, ng Yes at Preview. but she came out with a book fictionalizing the local tinseltown happenings. in short, yung sinasabi ng writer ko dati sa dyaryo na "showbiz ka-cheap-an." her book was entitled WHEN CHIC HITS THE FAN. she came out with a sequel CHIC HAPPENS. pero by then, wala na talaga siya sa showbiz world.

when i read her own account sa inquirer before, when the first book was launched, natawa ako sa ibang kuwento niya. this multiplier reposted that. natawa ako. sobra. sobrang-sobra. kasi naka-relate ako. sobra.


before chic, i also wanted to do a fictionalized tell-all of local showbiz, its kababawans, the funny tales, artista stuff, behind the scenes, whatever i was able to experience in my early stint there. my inspiration was this book entitled YOU'LL NEVER HAVE LUNCH IN THIS TOWN AGAIN by an ex-woman producer in hollywood who got fed up by the hollywoodness of the industry, especially the machismo. needless to say, pareho sila ng naging fate ni kitty--showbiz outcast. but both of them were not apologetic nor sorry they wrote it. kasi totoo siya.

since i wasn't able to get a copy of that book, i thought of refashioning my own book sana after the original SEX AND THE CITY novel, na sketch-style pero wala lang ding names. anyway, short of saying i haven't finished this project yet because it kept on evolving.

but only for this kitty go's excerpt sa inquirer article na yun, talagang na-inspire ako noon to do my version:

When chic hits the fan

Posted: 9:20 PM (Manila Time) | Feb. 16, 2002
By Kitty Go
Inquirer News Service

Foot in mouth disease

If there was anyone born with this disease, it had to be me. Of course, this disease doesn't cover quotable lines such as one from Giselle Tongi who told one of my former editors that she liked the "animosity" of not being recognized whenever she visited the United States. Or Troy Montero's answer of "Boracay" to the question of what his favorite city in the world was. Or Diether Ocampo's explanation of his love of New York for its "monumental landmarks."

ay nako 'te, i still have the cassette tapes and the micro cassette tapes of interviews of things like this that can be used as material for such...such...works of art. hahaha!

taena when i read this years ago, tumambling ako sa kakatawa. at gusto ko siyang dagdagan.

di ba HARMESH? hahahahaha! yes, hilig ko ay pink. waaaaaaah. poooootah...gusto ko maglaslasssss...


pero saka na yun. i still have this project at the back burner, waiting for new inspiration. and believe me, i am getting it! almost daily now! hahaha. chos.


for now, makiki-chismis muna rin ako dun sa kabila hihihi :P


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