26 February 2008

relate ako kay paulo coehlo and other writer blues

got this excerpt from his interview in goodreads.com.

GR: You have stated that each of your books was written over a period of only two to four weeks. Describe a typical day spent writing.

PC: When I finally feel I’m ready to embark on a new book, I always go through the following cycle that takes me from two weeks to a month. Before going to bed I have everything planned: I will wake up early and dedicate myself solely to the novel I’m writing. The only thing is, when I wake up I decide to browse through the net, then it’s time for my walk. When I come back I quickly check my mails and before I know it it’s already 2:30 p.m. and time to have lunch. After which I always take a sacrosanct nap. When I wake up at 5 p.m. I come back to my computer, check another set of emails, visit my blogs, read the news. Then it is already time for dinner—and at this point I’m feeling extremely guilty for not fulfilling my goal of the day. After dinner, I finally sit at my desk and decide to write. The first line takes a bit, but quickly I’m submerged in the tale and ideas take me to places that I never thought I would tread. My wife calls me to go to bed but I can’t, I need to finish the line, then the paragraph, then the page...It goes on like this until 2–3 a.m. When I finally decide to go to bed, I still have many ideas in my mind—that I carefully note down on a piece of paper. I know, though, that I’ll never use this—I’m simply emptying my mind. When I finally rest my head on my pillow I make the same oath—that the next day I’ll wake up early and that I’ll write the whole day long. But this is useless: The next day I wake up late and this cycle starts all over again.

wow. sapok ito, 'te!

kaya minsan, di maganda ang masyadong exposed sa internet. nakakatamad hehe. mas masipag pa mag-blog kesa magsulat ang iba minsan. including me. hehe.

kaya kelangan na naman tumambay sa nearest friendly neighborhood café to write. lalo na ng thesis. waaah. *pushing my pwet*

yun nah.


hm, may script akong sinulat eons ago entitled "kemikal." gawin ko na lang kayang nobela ito. slight kahawig sa "alchemist" di bala? and then i will change my name to "paula kwelah" hehehe.

nabubuang na ko.


actually, ang alam ko, sa ganung paraan din nasulat ni jk rowling ang harry potter. at least the first book or the subsequent outlines. tumambay siya sa london cafés.

dream ko pa ring makatambay isang araw sa isang parisian café while writing on my notebook journal. pag nagawa ko na yon, okay na ko.


aarrrgh kelan ako magkakaroon ng time magbasa! aarrrrgghh. i miss books. and their smell.

which reminds me. i have to pick up my powerbooks card renewal chever.


i recently found out from a writer friend that my ex of long ago conducted a sale of her stuff before flying out of the country. some of the things she sold were -- tadaaaan -- my books! the books i own, i mean, na nasa kanya pala. no wonder i lost some titles in my collection. natangay pala niya when we separated. and she sold them! the bitch.

at paano nalaman ng writer friend ko? kasi siya ang isa sa mga nakabili. pero di pa kami magkakilala at that time. kaya napaisip siya when he finally met me. sayang lang dahil na-resell niya ang books na iyon dati.

stranger than fiction indeed.


oo nga pala, the morning that the kmjs program was to air, their researcher texted me and said kinatay ng executive producer nila ang pink films segment where i was interviewed. nakatay daw ang ilang interviews, kasama na ang sa akin.

hmp. and to think i sacrificed a trip to dapitan that afternoon for them. laos. e di sana andami ko nang bagong cute plates ngayon. buset.

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