25 February 2008

moments to ponder

i was ready to sleep about 2 hours ago but the rain kinda disturbed my chuva. so here we are.

or maybe it's my mind overflowing with thoughts about feelings my heart and soul cherishes right now.

i had a very interesting weekend and heard a lot of interesting words from people i found to be interesting and people who are interested in me and my well-being. things like "nahihirapan ako 'pag wala ka" or "na-miss kita" or "goodnight tita" or "uy, ang galing mo naman" were nice to hear.

nakakatuwa. at nakakataba ng puso.

ang pag-alaga at pag-aruga talaga ay mga bagay na madali akong masapul. ganun talaga e...

this was a nice long weekend of sorts.

- i was able to write something i've been meaning to write
- watched an enriching and exciting cultural show with dear friends
- learned just how someone i love value me truly

- met a very interesting celebrity who is actually sensible
- ate mega-delicious comfort food prepared by someone dear

- had great finds of some neeed things
- sat in what might be a profitable future venture
- shared moments with friends' family

details soon. or some other time.

i'm dreading the work week facing me in the next two weeks. but this long weekend moments are great reminders that i should just smile in the face of detraction and tap into this positivity when negativity is thrown my way. these are the threads of my new cloak. and they better be careful--the material is stronger than wonder woman's wrist props.

in short, talbog pabalik sa kanila :P

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