23 February 2008

writer geek

okay, so bakit after 2 beers before midnight e this is what i get:

65 words

Speed test

a freaking increase in speed power. speed of the fingers! ahah! mukhang may use ito in the near future hahahahaha chos! baby, after two bottles! hahahah.


wala lang. i find it strange na ang pampaantok ko of late ay computer and surfing (kasalanan ito ng
broadband) instead of curling up on the couch with a good book. handami pa namang nakapila sa aking reading list kainiz. i just can't seem to get the reading groove goin' on in this new place, kahit na i super-set up na the reading room and all. super.

yes, folks, that is the geek i am (eh?). basta. i have 2 rooms in this new place, and the smaller one i converted into a library and reading room. also the laptop room siya. no internet wires para mas focused ako to write and work on things when inside there.

but the reading room/study also doubles as the black and white room, and the rainbow room at the same time. go figure. basta. pag napunta ka dito, you'll understand.


pampaantok ko lately itong geek haven site ng freerice.com. tangina it's a vocab-building site but at the same time, you donate grains of rice and help the UN donate rice to poor people. something like that. ang weird no, another form of armchair activism yet... well, i just hope it freaking works. just like the rest of 'em sites like these...

try mo. addicting. especially if you're like me who likes vocab reviewers and spelling bees and such. eh words e. siyempre naman, kasi writer ako eh. devah?

kasalanan mo to ms dj lush hehehe. i do this in between classes now. pampatanggal ng buryong sa eskuwelahan hahahaha chos.

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