20 February 2008

patay na naman! + on bookmarking

no, i'm not not in the mood for writing. in fact, i am, o. sobra.

54 words

Speed test

i don't know if that is bad or so-so or okay, but what the hey.

try mo.


since i got my laptop gift from my uber-coolest ninang in toronto last late 2006, it was rare that i visited this old machine here. at old talaga. this desktop has seen me in about 4 rented apartments and been with me during two ex-girlfriends.

now, this is my fifth (and now permanent) abode it has seen (just how many i've had is another blog entry), and another current girlfriend (which i hope will stay with me longer than the others combined). i wonder what it will say to me if ever it could speak...


so these past few days, it has been a ritual of deletions. deletions to signify moving on. moving on without virtual memories still stored here. stored in a now cool and not dry place. this new place i want to keep in pristine, warm, friendly and serene atmosphere. and the atmosphere needs cleansing. and cleanse we did.

delete delete delete.

tonight, it was all about bookmarks.

someone once told me i could be OC in the computer. of course, since i've always treated my computer as my girlfriend talaga. sino pa ba ang kadamay ko when my heart got broken, my spirit weakened, my mind nearly giving out, and my person rejuvenated by things not yet lost to the dark side. how often has this machine recorded my thoughts for private musings and public consumption? sobrang daming beses na. too many to mention, and to count.

when i reviewed my old files here, i decided it's time to make new categories, new folders, new system of separating things. it was also time to delete old things, stuff that reminded me of horrible people, and tangible signals that comprised the horrific images of my past. delete delete delete.

chugi kayong lahat.

ngayon, napag-trip-an kong burahin na ang mga bookmarked blogs ng marami na either kakilala ko o kilala pero di close. sometimes i wonder why i bookmarked their sites; wala namang kakuwenta-kuwenta. pero ang iba e dead links na kaya talagang kelangan nang tanggalin.

sana lang ganito rin kadali tanggalin ang mga tao at kabuwisitang bumabagabag sa isang tao. minsan iniisip ko, sana totoo yung THE MATRIX, para iha-hack ko ito at hahanapin ang source ng mga taong walang kwenta at ma-delete sila forever, kahit sa recycle bin, temp folder at san pa man. ang sarap lang ng buhay kung ganun. sana iba na rin president evil natin kung ganun, di ba? matagal na siyang na-hack. or someone programmed a virus into her mole and it ate her head na by now.

ang saya saya ng imagination.

well, but we make do with what we have, and we deal with the fate the universe has given us. but of course, being humans, we refuse to sit down and let life pass us by. dahil tulad ng sabi ng reebok ad before, "because life is not a spectator sport."

tara, takbo!

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  1. mine is 96, but i took this test once measuring speed + accuracy, and counting mistakes my speed is 80 wpm. But that's because I'm a nerd and my father made me take typing lessons at Grade 6 at the Liwanag typing school in Ermita. :)