15 February 2008

hello blogger, goodbye leaflets

the thing with this technology is, it's easy to delete.

comme ca.

and with that, i just deleted a blog i created some 3-4 years ago. one of those experimental things. i noticed that several of these old blogs are still connected to this new one, this same account. so i'm doing this ritual of cleansing and i'm deleting some i don't really, really need anymore...such as my very first blog.

the year was 2002. i just heard of the thing called weblog from my two writer friends from the dumaguete workshop. they were apparently testing it already the year before. i was rather late in the game because i wasn't much of a techie. these widgets you're enjoying now were not there back then. suffer ang byuti ko noon dahil sa i wasn't so hot about html. but i came around and learned a few things. survival stuff for writers like me. and so, we had leaflets.

Saturday, August 31, 2002

tag-lagas na. it's autumn. and i am from a place where there is no autumn. our seasons give us few choices - it's either you're dry or you're wet. outside, and inside. what if you're not dry, or wet, and just plain...leafy? aye, there's the rub.

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what is being leafy? anybody got any definitions?

mine: being leafy is being true to your self, being organic. you have something and it grows. if it detaches from your tree, the leaf of an idea floats around until someone will find them useful. and then, life is not extinguished from that floater but continued, in another form - pressed in one's notebook, garnished in one's dish, or just lying there in one's lawn, waiting for the next step of (d)evolution to chance upon it.

agree or disagree? spin a win...

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still trying to get the hang of this new writing technology. but i am beginning to love it!

this is so seventies, don't you think? like the colors of autumn in your living room... or desktop. the colors of the ukay-ukay fashion, actually. very reminiscent of the interiors of this once hip place called lava lounge...

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leaf of the day: santol.

have you ever wondered why the santol tree's leaf has bulutong-like things on its surface?

i like the fruit, too, especially if it's from the bangkok variety.

la lang...

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it was a strange thing to write something personal online. at first, only a handful people read them. but that all changed when blogging spread like wildfire. at first, i didn't know how to control what to write. but later, i got the hang of it.

but there are times when sometimes, you don't want to read what you wrote before. so from this early sampler, that is all i have to retain. the rest, like the bad memories written it it, are now...deleted.

goodbye leaflets.

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